Novoflex Canon EOS EF lens to Leica SL (Typ 601) AF adapter

Novoflex Canon EOS EF lens to Leica SL (Typ 601) AF adapter
'Anyway, there will be more posts about using this adapter, but for the moment, I'm glad I bought it. But I will repeat yet again, if you are considering it, do be prepared to make some compromises. It's a long way from the 'real deal'.'
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Panasonic GX8 + Canon lens. The best IS ever?

Panasonic GX8 + Canon lens. The best IS ever?
'The above video was shot 100% hand held using a Panasonic GX8 plus a Canon 24mm f/2.8 IS lens fitted via a Metabones Canon EF > m4/3 0.71x crop AF adapter. The lens IS is switched on as is the IBIS in the Panasonic. As you can see after editing the footage in iMovie and adding that apps. IS function, the footage is rock solid and looks just like it was shot on a tripod. '
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'Olympus owners of certain models will wonder what all the fuss is about with these Metabones adapters, since due to the construction of some Olympus cameras they can't actually use them without damaging their pride and joy. No such problems with the Olympus AIR.'
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The Canon G7X - have Canon made a great mirrorless camera?

The Canon G7X - have Canon made a great mirrorless camera?
'Despite all my prejudices about Canon and very small cameras I think that the answer to the question in the headline of this article is yes. Based around the Sony 1" sensor as in the RX100 series, Canon have added a 24-100mm (35mm 'equivalent') f/1.8-2.8 lens, a selfie friendly live view screen and HD video in a very small package that, for what it produces, can actually be described as cheap.'
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The Canon G7X

The Canon G7X
'This is a very small camera and it's a Canon. Not normally what I would buy. However, since I'm now shooting video stock footage and looking for something small and light to use with a tripod, this might be a good fit for me currently. Plus I am seriously thinking about buying a drone for aerial photography and video and the climbing movie on the Vimeo link above shows just what it can do used like that. Impressive.
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Brilliant article on the Canon EOS-M3

Brilliant article on the Canon EOS-M3

'Not only is it entertaining, it's right on the button in terms of content and I doubt many from Canon (excluding the suits in the boardroom who make all the decisions of course) would disagree with it. I also suspect that a lot of Canon users would also think it spot on.

A must read for all mirrorless interchangeable fans.'

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Canon get serious

Canon get serious
'You have to have some sympathy for Olympus. The OM-D E-M5 II has had exactly one day to itself in the spotlight, but today a seriously reinvigorated Canon, who are lest we forget the worlds biggest seller of Digital cameras, have blitzed the photographic internet with a whole string of cameras. 50MP 5D's, 24MP rebels, new EOS-M mirrorless (again 24MP) a lens and some compacts.'
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What the f.... What on earth is up with Canon?

Did I miss the announcement? The one where Canon declared that they were basically giving up and were going to just continually loose sales year by year and become Pentax? In a pretty hectic 6 months in which we've seen lots of camera announcements and releases, the A7r, X-E2, E-M1, Df, RX10, RX100s, Nikon 1 AW to name just a few, all of which offer some kind of innovation and at least a talking point, what do Canon give us? A white version of one of their cheap DSLR's.

They are using old designs, old sensors and presumably believing that their name and reputation will carry them through. I would have thought that the EOS M non-event would have let them know that isn't going to work. Are Canon becoming the new IBM? Do they really think that mirrorless and retro is a passing fad and that we will all come flocking back to DSLR's when we have seen the error of our ways? Because if they don't what on earth can explain this total lack of innovation or even decent renewal? Some sites have stopped reviewing new Canon camera models because they are so similar to the previous ones. Just changing the name really isn't good enough.

They make decent enough cameras and they do the job. Some professionals and lots of enthusiasts are wedded to the name. But aren't most of them just the slightest bit disappointed that Canon have become the John Major of camera manufacturers. Dull, complacent and always around. 

Before writing this I decided that I'd better check to see if I was missing something. So I downloaded a few 5D Mk III raw files. And there it was, the reason I ditched Canon some years ago and am probably never going to buy a Canon again. The same dull colours, softish files and lenses riddled with CA and fringing. This sensor is remember Canons biggest, 22MP, less than lots of APS-C cameras these days. OK they do make sturdy pro cameras that will probably last forever, they have a great professional network and a comprehensive lens range, but not everybody wants that. If they just count on their pro users to keep making them money then they will be making a mistake, there just aren't enough of them. 

So what can they offer us? Who knows. All I see is the constant recycling of the same old designs with the same old stuff inside them. And yes they make them smaller and they have discovered other colours apart from black, but its a pretty paltry attempt at exciting the market. So is there something around the corner to get our pulses racing? Or is it just going to be more of the same? The question is of course, if they keep going like this, will anybody care?

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Canon planning very small DSLR

More out of touch lunacy from the corporate (non) imaginations of the camera manufacturers. Canon are planning the smallest DSLR ever made. Wow. What a concept. How many of you can't wait to get their hands on one of those?

Is this serious? It is getting close to April 1st. so maybe I should beware. 

Just a small thing that might have escaped the Canon suits, cameras have these things on the front that help us take pictures, they are called lenses. Some of them are quite big, some of them are very big and some of them are so big that its difficult to find a word to describe just how big they are!  But then this is the company that thought this was a good idea.

Cool eh? Well actually no, unless that is you like cameras as lens caps. Presumably their idea is some little DSLR, with a little grip but still with a mirror clanking up and down, looking much the same as the M. Did they miss the OM-D and GH-3? Maybe, if just occasionally, these people took their heads out of their trousers, drank a little less and actually took the trouble to see whats going out they might get something right now and then.

You all remember the internet chatter, "Hey when Canon and Nikon enter the mirrorless market they will just blow the competition away. All you wimps with your wussy little m4/3 stuff had better get ready for a serious spanking, because Canon and Nikon are the kings of the hill and nobody can compete with them!!" Well it didn't quite work out like that did it? 

Far be it from me to offer advice to the mighty Canon, but wouldn't you be better off making the EOS-M better? Its a piece of c**p at the moment, but is it beyond your wit and invention to actually turn out a decent mirrorless camera? Or is this going to be your only pathetic attempt? 

Did you forget that you once made cameras like this?

How 2013, modern, happening and uber cool is that? Nouveau Retro rules, or did you miss that? or ignore it? or think it was a mistake and it would go away? 

We know you love that padded shoulders 1980's look and you have a lot of fans for it around the world, but how about a bit of imagination? a new direction, something other than that Darth Vader / Robbie the Robot look you've been pushing for years. 

The answer really isn't a small version of this. As I see it there are two options. Look around at what gets all the buzz and all the attention, or just don't bother and carry on making stuff like the picture above until nobody wants them anymore. You could re-hire your old design department, or better still hire a new one. This time getting some people who actually use cameras might be a good idea, since whoever designed (???) the M obviously didn't.

OK, so this is over the top as usual, and intentionally so, but I left Canon a couple of years ago and there is nothing, and I mean nothing that is liable to tempt me back. Am I alone? The EOS-M was so compromised it fired up nobody, and didn't sell much because there is better and cheaper readily available. The smallest DSLR ever made might get a few headlines, but sales? Thats another matter and you have to earn them.

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Which do you find the most interesting announcement? Nikon D800 - Canon IS lenses - Voigtlander 17.5mm f/0.95.

Lots of gear announcements this morning.
So which would you find the most interesting?

Certainly if you are a studio photographer the Nikon will be very appealing. Think of all the advantages of this over medium format cameras and backs. Price, speed, lens selection to name just three. If an advertising, commercial or social photographer was thinking of upgrading to a higher MP camera then their choice just got a little wider. If thats what I was doing I would have my pre-order in now. Looks a very nice camera and slightly smaller and lighter than the D700 (plus of course another 24MP!!)

The Canon lenses will be of interest if you use Canon cameras and want an image stabilised 24mm and 28mm f/2.8 lens. As Dpreview said "We're just not entirely sure who they're for" and that sums it up for me.

Certainly the most interesting of the three as far as I'm concerned is the Voigtlander. Seems it will be a 35mm equivalent (35mm / FF) version of their ultra fast and amazing 25mm f/0.95. So stick one of these on your m4/3 camera and feel like a low-light god. Its not really a lens for me as I'm much more interested in how a lens works at f/8 than f0.95, but I got some spectacular results with the 25mm and I would imagine this will be no different.

A while ago I would have had my order in for the Nikon and the Voigtlander before even posting this, but things change. Incidentally a new camera did arrive yesterday, an Olympus E-PL3 and another one will be arriving soon, a refurbished E-P2, so as you can see I have somewhat different priorities these days.

Still two out of the three announcements look very interesting and I'm sure will generate a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement amongst many photographers. 

We have just one major announcement left. The Olympus OM-D is due to finally be confirmed tomorrow. Though quite what is left to say, I'm not sure. This must hold some record as the most leaked camera ever. However its certainly the one that floats my boat and I will be enthralled I'm sure, tomorrow morning. In the meantime here's yet more pictures from Andrea at m4/3rumors who is rapidly becoming the internets "leak king". Long may he flourish, though I would remind him Olympus apparently have some dodgy friends!!

Canons big announcement.

"Historic global announcement" from Canon on November 3rd.


"We're buying Nikon."

"Nikons buying us."

"We've finally designed a camera that doesn't look like the 1980's."

"We have finally decided to make a mirrorless camera for all you girls and teenagers out there"

"We're changing our name to Canony"

"We really don't have anything historic to announce, in fact we don't have anything major to announce whatsoever, so we've come up with this scheme to get you all thinking about us again. We will announce something very minor, but it will get you all thinking, "Hey what is Canon up to?" and the internet forums will be rife with speculation, which is the point of the exercise anyway"

"None of the above" 


I should have noticed, but didn't, that the launch is in Hollywood. Hint, Hint!!

"Nikon speaks out about compact system camera"

From Amateur Photographer (UK)
Nikon speaks out about compact system camera news - Amateur Photographer - news, camera reviews, lens reviews, camera equipment guides, photography courses, competitions, photography forums
Via Mirrorless Rumors
Mirrorless Rumors | Blog | Nikon says mirrorlress is taking away market from compact cameras, not from DSLR's.

"The success of compact system camera sales is taking away from the compact camera market, not from digital SLRs, according to Simon Iddon, Product Manager for DX DSLR at Nikon UK, and has not had an impact on the company's DSLR sales.

In an interview with AP Iddon said that Nikon currently has a complete line-up and does not need to fill any gaps in its product range with a compact system offering. 'We have all points covered' Iddon told AP 'with a complete range of cameras from entry level to professional, and plenty of great compact cameras too.' Iddon says that the compact system camera market will not divert sales from the DSLRs, because 'if you want a DSLR you want what a DSLR stands for' and that isn't a compact system camera.

James Banfield, also of Nikon UK, commented that some of the companies that have been particularly successful in the compact system market have had to spend a lot of money to achieve that success. 'I think in some cases marketing spend has out-stripped sales revenue,' he remarked.

These comments come at a time of heightened speculation about Nikon's intensions in the CSC market and the size of sensor the company might use. While Iddon's remarks certainly do not rule Nikon in or out of the compact system camera arena, they might suggest that an announcement is not as imminent as some believe and others would like."

My favourite bit is "if you want a DSLR you want what a DSLR stands for"  Last time I checked it was Digital Single Lens Reflex, but I'm not sure thats what was meant.

As with the Canon comments earlier - /soundimageplus/2011/03/canon-doesnt-need-compact-system-camera.html theres a sly dig at the companies who make CSC's, and its very much another case of we don't need it, we're doing alright with what we have and the basic underlying unstated premise that these other companies only came up with CSC's because they can't compete with us.

However it does seem that for the time being at least, for whatever reasons, Nikon and Canon won't be offering us anything new on this front.

Making Panasonic colours more like Canon??

Much as I like the EOSHD site and indeed I have it listed here as a site you might enjoy, this is a mysterious post. Trying to make the output from a Panasonic GH2 camera look more like that from a Canon DSLR is a jaw-dropping concept as far as I am concerned. My initial reaction was WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT!!!!! Andrew must be using very different Canon cameras to the ones I've used. 

I read with incredulity - 

"Panasonic's colour science is very technically correct but not as emotionally satisfying as Canon's, here's how to change that.

I've always preferred the more cinematic colour on Canon DSLRs. The 5D Mark II pleased me with it's vivid rich tones, the 7D gives a beautifully warm image, very cinematic and the 600D also does a better job with colour overall than the GH2."

Even more perplexing is his solution, which is to use the Nostalgic preset with a bit of tweaking. I looked at the date, and no it wasn't published on April 1st. So I guess he's serious. He is talking primarily about video and jpgs, but even so. Anyone who has read anything here will know that I bang on and on about Canon cameras and my opinion about what I see as dull, uninspiring colour.

It just goes to show how different peoples tastes and perceptions are. Have a look and see what you think. It is an excellent site, and this is only one in a series of excellent articles. 

Right now I'm off to try his suggestion - you never know!!!!


"Canon doesn't need compact system camera"

Interview with the head of Canon consumer imaging in Europe, in the UK magazine Amateur Photographer.

A Quote - 
"The manufacturers that have introduced micro Four Thirds and mirrorless systems have been those that have failed to make a success of their mainstream digital SLR offerings, according to Rainer."

From my interpretation of this it seems Canon think:-
Mirrorless systems were only introduced because other companies can't compete with them.
Mirrorless as a concept is unimportant, its the size of the camera that counts.
They are doing fine with their current cameras, so why do they need to bother.
They seem to think that if they just make their DSLR's smaller that will be what the market wants.

This from a company that has now released four different versions of the same camera, with the same sensor in various different bodies. 550D, 600D, 60D, 7D. They must really like this sensor! Canon are just serving up what they have done for years. Nothing exciting, nothing innovative. Undeniably good value, but nothing to get excited about. Whether this product conservatism will keep them in their dominant position, who knows.