Soundimageplus Film Blog - A change of direction


You will have noticed that the header image on this website has changed. It is now a filmstrip with pictures of my film cameras in it. This is because I have decided to make a radical change to the blog. From now on I will be writing exclusively about film cameras and shooting on film. This will, unsurprisingly, have a lot of posts with a Stock Photography take on that, since that is how I earn my living, but I am hoping to take it further than that. 

Plans include guest posts, curated posts and links from around the web and even a page whereby people can buy and sell film gear and search for those hard to find items. I will be setting that up in the near future plus creating some web accounts that reflect this change. So, you might ask WHY?

I've been writing this blog for a little over ten years. Not as a money making concern, because it certainly isn't that, but as an 'antidote' to the often tedious business of editing, captioning keywording and uploading images to my stock libraries. Regular readers will know that during that time I have bought and sold a LOT of cameras and lenses and have written about using them over a period of time. 

I have attempted my own reviews of that gear as well as writing about the aesthetics and practice of photography. Again regular readers will know that I'm not short of an opinion or two! However gradually over a period of time I have become less and less interested in what I regard as the almost cynical way that the major manufacturers 'upgrade' their cameras and lenses and I certainly have little interest in the 'gearhead bickering' that passes for discussion on the photographic internet. Since returning to shooting with film late last year, I have sampled a few photographic film blogs and websites and been impressed by the different emphasis they offer. I may have been lucky in what I've found, but it strikes me that the 'I'm still creating images with film' communities are a lot friendlier, have a greater emphasis on creating images and go out of their way to be welcoming and pass on advice. All of which I find less and less on the digital photography equivalent. 

Ego driven YouTube 'reviewers', extreme rudeness, commercial tie ins and exploitation and just plain lies are now de rigueur on much of the photographic internet and my emotions on encountering it range from disappointment to anger, frustration and indeed a sense that most of the people who rail against each other are really not that interested in photography as an art form and are just looking to pick a fight. And yes this happens all over the internet, but it is my intention to create a very small corner of the cyberspace monster we have created that is polite, helpful and above all promotes creativity. 

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