Leica Q (Typ 116) Customisation

The Leica Q (Typ 114) is a great camera. However, for me, like any camera based on the Leica M design it needs a grip. I have the Leica grip, which is OK, but every time I want to change the battery or get the card out, I have to remove it. So was interested when I found, completely by accident, an L plate grip on Amazon. I ordered one, waited nearly two weeks for it to arrive and fitted it. Click here for the Amazon Link. This is for Amazon UK, but I'm sure you can find a link for your country. 'First2savvv Quick Release L Plate Bracket Holder Hand Grip for Leica Q (TYP 116) Camera, Benro Arca Swiss Tripod Head + Cleaning cloth LLX-LeicaQ-01

As you can see it can be left on the camera as there is a slot in the bottom which allows access. For me it also improves the handling. The hand grip is also included and it works very well. The total cost (inc. postage) was £21:99. The company do the same kind of grip for other cameras. There are other alternatives, mostly a lot more expensive. I know someone who in fact ran a site selling these for Fuji cameras. However this grip for the Leica Q is beautifully made and it seems to me that an L-Plate grip is an L-Plate grip and if the Chinese can make it cheaper, who am I to argue. 

I should mention a couple of other things I have done to the Q. I have added an O ring to the strap holder so I can use whatever strap I want. Leica's weak spot is camera straps. They are mostly fiddly and really not very good. I've also changed the lens hood and cap. Because Leica include their own with the camera but the cap has some felt inside to make it grip, which firstly is a bad idea and secondly came unstuck on my copy. (Leicas fault not mine) I bought this one from Amazon again and I like it better. Click here for the link. 'Haoge LH-E3T Square Metal Lens Hood Shade with 49mm Adapter Ring' It is actually made for the Fuji X 100 series but I removed the Fiji adapter ring and it works fine on the Q.

So, just a few changes to make the Q more suitable for me and how I use it.