Using an iPhone for shooting stock

Two things to start

- One of the great things about shooting stock for a living is that I can use what I want, when I want.

- I haven't bought much photo gear this year, a few old lenses, some film cameras and an iPhone 7 Plus. 

The iPhone 7 Plus, with it's dual lenses is somewhat amazing. In good light the output is every bit as good as many current DSLR and / or mirrorless cameras. By using the .dng raw files and processing via Iridient Developer I can create 22MP files that are seriously sharp, with virtually no artefacts and have a pretty good dynamic range. Now when I actually sit back and consider that it is somewhat amazing. These are after all sensor sizes of 1/3" for the wide angle and 1.3.6" for the 'telephoto'. Why they are different I have no idea, but both are very small. This does of course mean that at high(er) ISO's and in poor light the noise is pretty bad. But, since for my stock work I only shoot in good light I have this great little camera at my disposal. And I take full advantage of it. 

I've been shooting stills, panoramas and 4K video with the iPhone 7+ ever since I bought it and I've got plenty of images and footage shot with it on my stock sites. And yes they sell just as well as my DSLR / Rangefinder / Mirrorless created images.

I will be continuing this in an upcoming post.