Days in the life

Haven't posted for a while as I have been taking advantage of the good weather. Now ended of course just in time for the Easter holidays. So here's some of what I've been up to.


I'm still re-exploring the 'magic of film' and above are samples from my recent trips.

Just a brief note. I've been shooting on colour negative film and scanning with my Epson V850. Problems with colour and the dust and scratches software. I may well stick with transparency film if I can't sort out these issues. 


I read the articles above and have bought some cheap adapters from ebay that fit on the Leica Q. There are a Minolta W/A and medium telephoto and a Ricoh W/A. All fit a 49mm thread. Results? Pretty good actually and you can see what they give me above. Certainly makes the Q more versatile. 


It's nice that the SD Quattro now has the capacity to shoot .DNG files as well as the H. There's an article enthusing about this here:- However for the panoramas above I still used the S-HI jpgs, as I think that this in camera conversion is still the best way to take advantage of the three layer sensor. Sigma also say that this update improves the AF speed. Hmmmm...... can't say I've noticed anything significant. 


I think it must be 9 months since I last used this camera, so a few days ago I decided to take it out. I don't use it much but I'm reluctant to part with it as it's an extremely versatile, light superzoom with an amazing lens. I must use it more. 


I think I have to be regarded as a film camera collector since I've bought another one! This makes five. This was Canons top of the range pro film camera in the mid 90's and has lots of tech. including AF.Cost me £150 with the winder. It's a beast but takes great pictures. Now I wonder if ebay has any cheap Nikon or Canon rangefinders, then there's the Contax G system.............this is probably never ending!!

That's all for now. Sorry to be so brief but I have a mountain of film to scan and digital images to edit. Hopefully I can get on top of my workflow and post again soon.