What it's all about

One of the reasons I get so frustrated with the photographic internet is the ridiculous and pointless bickering about gear. And my posts often demonstrate my increasing frustration with the male dominated gadget worship that forgets what photography is all about, capturing images. After a warm and sunny Spring the UK has reverted to type and volatile dramatic weather, more typical of April has returned. Not so long ago I was walking around in shorts and a T-shirt, but now the weatherproof jackets are back. Moody, heavy and very wet clouds test all landscape photographers patience, but waiting and persistence can produce some dramatic light.

All of the above were shot on my iPhone 7 plus and the reason for that is I was out shooting film and simply ran out. Since I take my iPhone with me at all times, I used that successfully. Because it really doesn't matter what camera I use, as ever it's about being in the right place at the right time. Tomorrow is forecast to be the same, so maybe I should pack more film this time. But even if I don't I still have a viable camera. And don't be surprised if come December my camera of the year has an Apple logo on it. Because my iPhone is getting a LOT of use. Film and smartphones, an interesting combination.