Shock Announcement - Donald Trump buys Leica!!!


April 1st. 2017

In an unexpected move US company Trump Luxury Toys has taken over the historic prestige German company Leica optical. A spokesman for the company, Lapri Loof (Ms), said that this was an opportunity for the semi bankrupt, yet still prestigious, Leica company to continue their illustrious history via the 'safe hands' of their new US parent company. Trump Luxury Toys have announced that today (April 1st. 2017) will see the announcement of the Trump-Leica F-OO1 (see above). Ms Loof indicated that Trump Luxury Toys are able to take advantage of a recently struck deal with the new US administration to set up factories in US jails. Labour costs would be minimal i.e. none and Trump Luxury Toys would pay only a % 'fixers fee' to the Donald Trump charitable foundation for the disadvantaged relatives of slave owners. 

Andreas Kauffman the (now) former head of Leica was unavailable for comment except for the following which appeared on his Twiitter feed - 'Fick dich Trump' The F-OO1 camera will be available to reserve from today for an initial 5% deposit of $9999.00. Those who pay the money immediately into a recently set up Crimean bank account can expect to receive their hand-built cameras by April 1st. 2021 (subject to availability)

Trump Luxury Toys have also announced an 'Endangered Species' range of customised cameras available for pre-order. The range will include tribute models to well known Leica Owners. Trump Luxury Toys have announced that 'Pol Pot' and 'Robert Mugabe' models are already in pre-production. The cameras will be covered in skins taken from some of the worlds rarest animals and in an unusual move will be hand made exclusively by prisoners on death row (again subject to availability and time constraints). Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary announced that President Trump has already ordered several of the 'Vladimir Putin' model as gifts for foreign leaders and has apparently inquired as to whether it will be possible to produce a 'Nigel Farage' special edition with a matching Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 lens engraved with 'Build the Wall' 'Lock her up' and 'F**k the EU'.

The Soundimageplus blog has also learned that a few models have found their way into the hands of some YouTube camera reviewers. Both the Camera Store and Tony Northrup have pronounced the new Trump Leicas as 'Awesome' and worth every penny. Further information can be obtained by following the links at 

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