iPHONE 7 Plus Snapseed

It isn't really surprising that I have returned to film. Firstly since I've been scanning my archive ever since I 'went digital' and secondly, given half a chance I'll  edit a digital camera or smartphone image in Snapseed to simulate a 'film look'. I've always thought that digital images, in an unedited state are too 'clean' for my tastes and lack a bit of 'character'. The above images were shot a few days ago in my iPhone and I've warmed them up somewhat.

These days in stock photography it's a case of anything goes and libraries are full of 'straight' images AND filtered and manipulated ones and while it used to be the case that the more conventional images sold best, these days many buyers are looking for something different. Maybe it's a fashion thing, like beards, or maybe it's an indication that things are opening up in terms of how pictures look in the media. It's probably the effect of Instagram and other social media sites but whatever the reason 'doctored' images are becoming part of our visual reference and the more people use them the more they will get used. And certainly a lot published work has become a bit staid over the last few years and anything that offers up something different is to be welcomed.