Nikon F65 F75 Canon 500N

I bought these three film cameras, Nikon F65, Nikon  F75 and Canon 500N in quick succession on ebay. They cost me £65 in total for all three. Which is strange because there is this film revival going on (supposedly). Also strange because theses cameras have autofocus, auto film wind and programme modes. They are in fact very similar to digital cameras in the way they operate and would seem to be ideal for anyone looking to give film a go. But it seems not. Maybe because they are late film cameras, released shortly before or even after digital had started to take off. 

Now this is a shame because they are all excellent cameras and quick and easy to use. All have incredibly fast AF, film loading and unloading is simple and quick, the exposure meters are spot on and all will take any modern AF lens from Canon or Nikon. Now buying all three was somewhat self indulgent, but at the prices I paid for them, I jumped at the chance to own them. Particularly since all three are very light to carry around. So light that I have had a few occasions when I have used to fitted with different lenses. Thus giving me the chance to look like Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now.

Maybe Not! Here's a gallery of images shot with these three cameras.