The Pentax 645 Film Camera is big, heavy and genuine medium format. Each frame this beast produces is 6 x 4.5 cm, not the glorified full-frame+ / super FF that many modern digital cameras call (mistakenly) medium format. And 6x4.5, when scanned professionally is starting to show the advantages of film over digital, in that the images look better in terms of sharpness, dynamic range etc. Though as I indicated you need a top of the range scanner to appreciate this. 

When I was shooting on film (pre-digital) I used one of these extensively. And I've continued scanning the transparencies I shot alongside shooting with digital. I've now re-bought the outfit I used at a fraction of the cost I sold my previous gear for. And even if there is some kind of film renaissance  going it (so far) hasn't affected the price of the cameras which are still pretty cheap. 

The lenses I have are the 45-85mm zoom, 75mm and 200mm primes. To see the 'equivalents' in 35mm / 'FF' terms see this chart. (Do click on this link, it's Ken Rockwell!!) 

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 13.36.41.png

N.B. By the way these are NOT the same for the digital Pentax 645, because the sensor size on that camera is smaller than 6 x 4.5 cm. 

The Pentax 645 film camera, because of it's dampened shutter is as hand holdable as a DSLR, though when you press the shutter expect lots of birds to head for the sky, because its LOUD! I used to carry this thing up mountains, but I'm not sure my back will tolerate that now! However to see what I used it for in the past CLICK THIS LINK.

The camera has some electronics, including a motorised film wind on and a very accurate light meter. However these are manual focus lenses, unlike the ((extremely expensive) AF versions for the digital 645. However the whole package is easy to use and I was surprised just how quickly I refamiliarised myself with it. 

So basically it's a walk down memory lane for me and unlike my Fuji 6 x 9 rangefinder, it has interchangeable lenses and I'm getting a 33-55mm zoom for it, which is about a 20-35mm equivalent. My idea for it is to do some serious tripod mounted landscape work, because the finished product from a professionally scanned film is excellent. However, it is actually reasonably light fitted with just the 75mm lens and makes an interesting 'walk around' outfit, though it's hardly inconspicuous.