Lets see the Panasonic GH5 do this. Leica SL (Typ 601) Low Light Video

  • Leica SL (Typ 601)
  • Canon 17-40mm zoom via Novoflex adapter
  • ISO 4000-6400. The last clip is a video grab showing just what the light was like.
  • Hand-Held - There is of course no in body or lens stabilisation here.
  • Sound is from the onboard microphones.
  • Edited in iMovie - stabilisation added.
  • Shot in 4K.
  • Output 1080HD - because the iMovie software stabilisation shrinks the frame.

Now I'm not saying the GH5 isn't a great camera, it probably is, but it's not the answer to life, the universe and everything. I shot the above footage as a test and when I saw those ISO settings I thought it was going to be a noisy mess. However, as you can see it's far from that. The SL seems to do it's own in camera NR plus adds in it's own digital stabilisation as well, like the Leica T (typ 701). Now Leica make no big thing about this. They seem content with saying that the SL offers pro quality video and leave it at that. To be honest I was very surprised at just how well this works in low light and how stable the whole thing is. All I was doing was hold the camera to my eye as if I was shooting stills, nothing more than that.

I've been trying out all my cameras and trying out a smartphone gimbal (close but no cigar!) to see what I can use for stock video and this is the most stable of any of my cameras. Just one more reason why I love the SL. It just does the job(s) I want it to. No fuss, no fluff.