A day in the life............(1)



Had a look at the new Panasonic GH5 announcement. 

Thought - In terms of a hybrid  this seems to be more video camera than stills camera. In which case why does it look like a DSLR? Is that really the best design for a camera built with professional level video output??

Went out to shoot some video. I'm trying out a Zhiyun smooth 2 gimbal with various smartphones. Thoughts - it seems to have a life of it's own!! The jury is out on whether this is better than hand holding and then 'stabilising' in iMovie.


Took some 'video grabs from the 4K footage. I do this by opening the files in VLC (free software) stopping the clip where I want to take a still and select Snapshot from the video menu. I then save this as a .tiff file edit it and resave as a jpg. to upload to stock libraries. Works better for me than the Panasonic in camera method, which seems to produce soft files.