THE PANASONIC GX80 - Embrace the mediocre

It's fascinating to see review sites falling over themselves to praise the Panasonic GX80. I'm sure it's a decent camera, but from the raw file samples I've seen hardly anything to get excited about. But then we are in a very quiet time for camera releases and I guess all those sites need something to get their ad revenue ticking over. 

For me this is typical of the fraud and nonsense that permeates the photographic internet. High praise when OK probably sums up a product and a hyper exaggerated attempt to show a genuine difference between remarkably similar products. As I said I looked at some raw samples and they seemed very similar to every other 16MP m4/3 camera. Noticeably the lack of an AA filter made no difference whatsoever.  

Maybe in time the camera manufacturers and those who feed off them will realise that it is actually their behaviour and tendency to overhype everything that is contributing to the gradual shrinking of the stand alone camera market. Because we can all see through this BS, even though the assumption is that we can't. Maybe when a few more companies follow Samsung and depart this marketplace will we return to a film camera sales situation and hopefully those commercially corrupt parasites who make a dishonest living attempting to convince us of their expertise will bugger off and start reviewing nose hair clippers or some such.

The Panasonic GX80 is a mediocre camera which does the job just like many similar models in the overcrowded and overhyped 'mirrorless' camera market. But then the point is to get us to spend our money on something that is significantly no better than we have already. Basically capitalism.