LEICA T (Typ 701) + Summilux 35mm f/1.4 TL - Is this the best APS-C gets?

LEICA T (Typ 701) + Summilux 35mm f/1.4 TL - Is this the best APS-C gets? The simple answer for me is yes. With of course the proviso that I haven't used everything. (Not quite!!) In fact for me this is the best mirrorless system I've used because it matches quality, classy design and a genuine light and small form factor which to me is what 'mirrorless' is all about. As per my previous post, I'm currently shedding gear at a fast rate via ebay. I no longer have a m4/3 camera, nor a Sony and my Canon 5DS is up for sale too. Lenses are disappearing in parcels out the door and I shall soon be left with 'red dot' cameras only. The above linked article explains why and it's something I'm happy about doing. Life really is too short to not spend what I have left using the gear I really enjoy making pictures with. The plan is to add a Leica SL (Typ 601) to my Leica Q (Typ 116) and 2 x Leica T (Typ 701). Sure it's an indulgence, but I can afford it and I know I'll love using it. 

It's interesting that in a couple of articles I read recently the 'best' APS-C mirrorless cameras were touted as being the Fuji X-Pro 2 and the Sony a6300. Both I'm sure are decent cameras, but they aren't for me. I've had it with Fuji and I suspect with Sony too. I'm going for the brand with the photographic history and the commitment to keep producing the highest quality that they can. Leica (and Leica owners and users) are misunderstood, misrepresented and treated with some kind of envious contempt by a large proportion of the photographic internet. Though I often wonder what would be their attitude if they got offered one to try out out for a couple of weeks. But this attitude that they are just luxury brand manufacturers still persists and it is often stated that those of us who buy their products are just paying for the name and that there really isn't that much of a quality difference. And it really doesn't seem to matter that this perception just isn't true. Leica's are beautifully made and in most cases produce superb image quality, which is the company's raison d'aitre. 

The Leica T system is no exception, but that seems to have got lost somewhere in a campaign of misinformation. The image quality, created by those amazing T-Mount lenses is superb and somewhat unlike the bland mediocrity that most modern digital cameras produce these days. The colour depth and separation, the prioritisation of sharpness over everything else and the commitment to simplicity of operation and concentrating on what's important in photography are all attractions for me and other Leica users. But then as I often end my Leica articles with, I get to use these cameras and lenses and those who rush to rubbish don't. And I know which side of that divide I'd rather be on.