LEICA M-D (Typ 262)


I'm a bit mystified by this Leica idea of a digital camera without a live view screen. I suppose my question is 'What's the point?' Surely if someone wants some kind of 'film experience' then why not buy a film camera? Is it kind of like some way of testing yourself or a sort of pretence at being adept at 'fundamental photographic values'? Like many photographers these days I use the live view screen for creating images i.e. arms length, camera down low, camera up high. All of that is impossible with the M-D. 


To be honest, I do check my screen after a shot, just to make sure, but the times that I actually take another shot because something doesn't look right are very rare, in fact virtually non-existent, since most cameras are so good at getting the exposure and focus dead on every time. So maybe it's just a way of speeding things up and it does get rid of that 'chimping'. Plus I hate complication and the idea of no menus, raw files only and phenomenal battery battery life (No EVF, No Screen, No jpg creation) are very appealing. 

Will I buy one? No. But I would love to see this minimalist option built into cameras. For example I thought maybe I'll give this a go with my Leica Q, but there is no way that I can find to turn the screen off. I still have my Panasonic GX8's and it is possible to do it with that. Turn off the screen and just use the EVF, preset ISO and use a lens with an aperture ring like my Panasonic / Leica 15mm f/1.7. Not quite the same as the M-D, but a simple way of working. 

Finally while there is an element of 'less is more' with the M-D, it's a shame it doesn't extend to the price!