Why am I going to use Leica only from now on?

A couple of weeks ago I developed permanent, very 'scrambled' vision and my left hand started tingling permanently and didn't work properly. So I was a photographer who couldn't see and a musician who couldn't play. As you might imagine this was somewhat frightening and I then spent a (VERY) stressful few days getting checked out, being tested and brain scanned to see exactly what was going on. The assumption was that my migraine problem had changed, but all sorts of other unpleasant scenarios were also a possibility. Fortunately all of those were eliminated and I am indeed experiencing some kind of prolonged migraine 'attack'. I still have problems with my eyes, but I can function and my hand has returned to normal, which has calmed me down somewhat. I am now trying different kinds of medication to see if I can clear my eyes to what they were before. 

Even during the worst of it I still went out and shot some pictures and even though I had great difficulty in seeing them properly on my monitor, the actual process of looking through the viewfinder or at the live view screen was possible. And in this situation when I was still wanting to go out and take pictures, but had some difficulties, what did I choose every time? Either my Leica Q (Typ 116) or my Leica T (Typ 701). The simplicity, the pared down menus and controls, the quality of the viewfinders and screen being the major factors here. Without wanting to be too dramatic, if it was going to be the last time I went out creating images, what did I want to use? The answer was a Leica. 

I therefore came to the conclusion that I was going to use the 'red dot' exclusively from now on. I'm not that bothered about the extra pixels from my Sony or Canon or the lens range of my Panasonic GX8's. I like what those cameras produce, but it became obvious that I like using my Leica's more. Am I a Leica fanboy? Of course I am, that should be obvious by now anyway. I bought another Leica T (Typ 701) and the LEICA 35mm F/1.4 Summilux TL Lens At F/1.4 and when I've 'ebayed' all my non Leica gear I will be looking to get the SL (Typ 601). Basically life is too short and too full of unpleasant 'surprises' not to use what I want all the time. And the style, history and ethos of Leica are all things that appeal to me. Expensive? Sure, but I can afford to do it and I see no reason not to. Migraines are still one of lifes medical 'mysteries' and I together with the doctors I have seen I have no idea what is causing my vision problems nor any idea as to what will happen in the future, so I'm going with my heart, rather than my head in terms of the gear I will be using. And that inner smile I have tells me it's the right decision.