Leica Q (Typ 601) review on Dpreview

As usual these days Dpreview reviews are a dogs dinner. Lots of contradictions and errors.. e.g. 'The Q is both low profile (with some gaffer tape over that red dot) and responsive. It's a great combination for street shooting. If 28mm feels too wide, at least you have 24MP to crop with.' ???

Dpreview 'CONS'

  • JPEG engine and JPEG customization lacking

So you pay £3000 and shoot jpgs? Really?

  • Severe lack of customization options

This is a PRO.

  • Card write times are slow if you shoot both Raw and JPEG

Not if you use a fast card

  • Video mode is uncompetitive

That is simply not true. The video on the Q is excellent and has really good stabilisation for hand holding.

The whole emphasis is around what Dpreview call the 'Q's various quirks and shortcomings' Well I suppose if you're a gimmick loving gear head then that may be the case. But then the Leica Q (Typ 601) is a photographers camera, something Dpreview have a hard time understanding, since they don't seem to have many of them working on the site.