The Canon 5Ds and 'hypereality'

I was editing the above image taken with my Canon 5Ds when I noticed the robin on the gravestone. I certainly hadn't spotted it when I was taking the image. And this is what you get with 50MP's of resolution.

Now my photography isn't about a forensic examination of the detail I can get from all those pixels, but it's a nice bonus to have. The point is that this is only going to become more and more commonplace. There are already Medium Format cameras with 100MP, which is getting to the stage where more than one lens isn't required as these huge images can be cropped as required. 

So does the future, a few years down the line, mean that everybody will have access to something like this, even with mobile technology? And if we do does this mean the end of photography as an art? Because one of the skills of a photographer is composition, which includes in that positioning and lens selection. So if anybody can just point their picture taking device in the general direction of something and then crop down to create something meaningful, is that the end of what a photographer can 'see' of the world around them as opposed to general snapshooting?

It could be argued that stills from video is doing much the same thing. When we have 8K and the ability to 'grab' high quality stills from that footage surely Cartier-Bressons 'Decisive moment' becomes a distant memory. Which begs the question, do all the technological improvements to cameras and photography improve the results, or diminish them?