Thinking of upgrading your gear? Don't Bother - buy Iridient Developer instead.

I'm doing a lot of editing of images and uploading them to stock libraries currently. And despite the extra time it takes I'm using Iridient Developer for many of my raw conversions. I've written about it before and I am a fan. There is a combination sharpening tool called Iridient Reveal which is the best I've ever used. The above image is a Panasonic GX8 image converted from raw using this. The image has also been upsized within the software to 29MP (from 20MP) and as you can see from the 100% blow up, it is very impressive, producing a clean and sharp file. 

It works for all my cameras and once again I congratulate Brian Griffith who is the author of the software for continuing to improve it. To put it in context what I get from it, as opposed to using Photoshop ACR, is like the difference between using an average kit lens (Photoshop) and a top of the range prime (Iridient). I can get the same sharpness from Photoshop but that is accompanied by an increase in luminance noise, so there is a very real noticeable difference. It's Mac only but if that's what you use, there is a free trial available.

Statement - I would point out that I have no relationship of any kind with Iridient Digital and I do not benefit financially or in any other way from recommending this product. Brian does link to my post when I described IR as my software of the year, but that is it. I pay for my copy of the software just like anybody else.