What have Sigma come up with here?

What have Sigma come up with here? An upsized APS-C sensor with a mount that takes the Sigma ART lenses. Electronic viewfinder, battery grip and more VERY interesting specs. that you can read by clicking on the PhotoMadd link above. (Well done Matthew) 

For Landscape photographers and others who are looking for top of the range resolution this could be THE camera. And I have to say that my plans for future purchases on the camera front have suddenly changed. Many of us have been hoping that something like this would turn up one day and the opportunity to use those sublime Sigma lenses is too good to miss. It won't be cheap and it won't be light and I suspect that it might be a long wait for one to arrive, but though this certainly isn't a camera for everyone, for some of us this is pretty close to a dream come true. It looks great too. 

I have to say, I haven't been excited by a camera so much for a long while. Despite my flirtation with all sorts of other photographic genres, high quality landscape photography is my favourite kind of picture creation and I have no doubt that this camera plus those lenses will take some beating for sharpness, colour rendition and image impact. 

Sigma have been getting their act together over the past year or so and this looks like it may well deliver the goods that all their recent activities have promised. In another announcement an amazing beast of a lens, a 50-150mm f/1.8 has been announced. (75-150 f/1.8 on FF) Add in all the other recent lenses and it seems Sigma are getting VERY serious.

As I indicated some will wonder what all the fuss is about, but those of us who have used a Foveon sensor have always thought this potential needed a suitable vehicle and maybe (maybe??) Sigma have finally come up with a couple of cameras that can deliver on this. I eagerly await more details and of course, some samples.