Sigma SD Quattro samples

CLICK HERE to view and download

I've uploaded some Sigma SD Quattro samples shot with the ART 30mm f/1.4 'kit' lens. I have included some of the 39MP S-HI in camera jpgs. for which there are no raw files (I use these all the time). To process the raw files you need Sigma Photo Pro (the only software these days that processes Sigma Foveon files). It is free to download from Sigmas various sites. (N.B. If you've never used SPP before - in order to get it working reasonably quickly go to preferences and tick High Speed Mode. This uses your computers memory to speed up the process, which is a bit slow normally)

The jpgs. are straight out of the camera with no editing whatsoever. I would point out that all these files are somewhat larger than you may be used to. This is the output from three sensors after all. 

Please note also that while these images are nothing special aesthetically, they are sitting on stock image library websites, so if you feel the urge to abuse the fact that they are for personal evaluation only, then be aware you'll be dealing with their lawyers not mine.)