Sigma SD Quattro - A 'walk on the wild side?'

In a photographic market that is showing a steep decline in the sales of 'proper' cameras I just wonder how many review sites, photographic bloggers and other assorted self appointed 'internet gurus' realise that part of the blame for this lack of enthusiasm to buy gear that enables serious and creative photographic expression is down to them. By hyping up the ordinary and criticising anything that exhibits anything other than what they define as the correct requirements for a 'good camera' they are hardly encouraging anything other than a slavish brand loyalty. You can see it in the forums. Attacking anything that breaks the mould and rushing to praise the self defined status quo. A bit like Donald Trumps vision of America really.

It is actually somewhat scary to see the amount of dogma ridden conformity that gets repeated endlessly. Some kind of desperate attempt to belong to a 'photographic tribe' I guess. Almost as if these consumers offer up a prayer every night. 'Oh Lord please don't let me buy the WRONG camera and be criticised on the forums.' 

Consequently the Sigma DP Quattro gets reviewed in some places as a 'walk on the wild side' and a camera so far from what might be expected that it can't even be considered. So consequently photographers get discouraged from checking out a camera that in terms of sharpness and resolution at low ISO's is unsurpassed by anything else this side of MF. Strange and yet somehow unsurprising.