Simplicity - my New Years resolution.


Simplicity. Bit of a joke from someone with nine cameras, twenty-two lenses, six smartphones, two desktop computers, four laptops and three iPads. Things have got a bit out of hand lately!!! 

It is however, a new year and time to attempt to do something about what i've spent the last twelve months avoiding doing, which is stop this ridiculous acquisition of gear, that sits around doing nothing. Do I really want all of this? I guess the answer is yes, since I bought it all. But I also feel my working life is cluttered, over complicated and in dire need of a 'trim.' So some ebaying is called for. 

As ever I will have great trouble getting all of this stuff out of the door. Photography is my job, but it seems that collecting, using and writing about camera gear has become my hobby. It must be a hobby because I don't earn any money from it!!  

So in this spirit of 'rationalisation' I'll see what I can get rid of and decide what I really want and / or need to own and concentrate on what I really want to do (and it seems I'm good at) which is take pictures that people want to buy, I'm thinking I will seriously cut this all back, but as ever good intentions seem harder to implement when it comes down to it. However, as a start, you will notice a much leaner website, my having removed the pages I don't seem inclined to keep up to date and which are therefore somewhat pointless. 

The image at the top of the page is the Ironbridge in Shropshire, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and is one of my earliest 'serious' photographs. Somewhat poignant since it has my late father in it. I thought it an appropriate image for this post, since it was taken at a place that changed the world, has in it one the most important people in my life and was taken in the days when I owned one, fixed lens camera.

Was that a better time? No of course not, I'm neither nostalgic or sentimental and I'm well aware of the false promises of hindsight. But as the sun returns to the northern hemisphere and the coming spring is nearer than the last summer, it's time for a reappraisal. Partly a result of my doing lots of scanning of old images recently and the realisation that I actually like them better than what I'm shooting now. And again it's probably nothing to do with what I used then or now, but it's about time I recaptured that spirit that inspired me to become a photographer. 

Soundimageplus 2.0?? Maybe. Time will tell.