Olympus Pen-F announced

The Olympus Pen-F is officially announced and I've linked to the Mirrorlessons first impressions article. My thoughts, having of course not seen or handled the camera are in the comments section of that article. 

'Looks a beautiful camera. And the addition of the same sensor as the GX8 is a good thing.
BUT - No 4K, Same Battery, No mic / headphone socket and £1000 (-1) for body only. A GX8 gives you more for less.

For me this is a classic example of why mirrorless cameras haven't made their anticipated progress in the interchangeable lens market. Too expensive for what is on offer. At half the price it would walk (run) off the shelves and this is the mirrorless cameras dilemma. There are basically four big players, (There used to be five but Samsung have pulled out) Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji competing for the mirrorless 33% share of that interchangeable lens market, whereas the DSLR 66% share of that market is pretty much between Nikon and Canon. In addition Olympus have to compete with Sony's voracious appetite for market domination and their tendency to 'over stock' their camera range. Plus Sony have cannily waited until after the X Pro 2 and Pen-F to announce the a6000 successor, which I fully expect to 'out-spec' this Olympus by some distance.

So, Olympus have yet another overpriced 'show pony' on sale and seem unable to grasp the concept that people choose cameras with their wallets, not their aesthetic sensibility. We have (yet again) style over content and in essence a small upgrade over what have Olympus have produced before. If the Pen-F had all those missing items, 4K Video, better performing battery and mic / headphone sockets etc. AND was significantly cheaper, then it would have been a whole different ball game and a whole different reaction, because from what I've read even the Olympus faithful are a bit luke warm about it.

And it's a shame that Olympus just don't seem to be interested in offering better options and pricing their cameras (and lenses) sensibly, because they are just handing sales to their opposition. This is not a camera for everyday snapshooters, it's a camera aimed fairly and squarely at the high end of the market and that's populated by a lot of alternatives that offer better for less cash.

I also note the tone of your article. I don't pick up any 'WOW must have this' impression and the other reviews I've read seem to follow the 'Looks great, shame about the price' pattern. I used to eagerly snap up every new Pen release, but after a while I realised that I was buying them for looks alone and the Pen-F is the same. If I did buy one (and I probably won't) it will be because of whats on the outside and not what's on the inside. And is that a good reason to buy a camera?'

I would add that I got very enthusiastic seeing the initial pictures, but less so after finding out the specs. And I suspect I will be able to resist it's charms. But then who knows?