Pictures of the Olympus Pen F

I spent a long time on my last article -

And then Andrea at 43rumors gets some pictures of the new Olympus Pen F.

That is one beautiful camera. Retro and Old School in just the right way. It looks a decent size and I've seen pictures of a grip for it. Whatever the virtues of DSLR's (and there are many) they just can't compete with this. At least as far as I'm concerned. I can see no way on earth I will be able to resist this, even despite it's £1000 + price tag. I've always contended that Olympus make the most aesthetic cameras of anybody and despite my antipathy with Olympus menus, the price, the small sensor, appalling battery life etc. etc. I just can't help myself. See the pictures for yourself and see if you can do a better job of being immune to it's charms than I can. I'm just sitting here imaging what my Panasonic 15mm and Olympus 45mm and 75mm will look like on the front of it. Damn you Olympus!!!