Panasonic GX8 - 4K Video

This is some footage I shot a few days ago with the Panasonic GX8 plus Panaaonic 15mm f/1.7 and Olympus 75mm f/1.7 lenses. As before, this is very impressive.

What is not impressive in terms of Panasonic and video is charging $99 for the firmware update for the GH4 which includes V-Log. Now while I'm somewhat unconvinced by V-Log anyway, since that flat dull rendering strikes me as pandering to some peoples notion of what 'proper' filmakers use (when in fact what they actually do is get it right when they shoot) this is pretty cheapskate. When you consider just what they could have gained by doing what everybody else does and releasing the update for free and what they are loosing by the rubbishing they are getting on the photographic internet for their meaness, then they may come to regret this. I'm usually a fan of what Panasonic do, but this is not their finest hour.