Blog Posts

Soundimageplus blog posts have been like the joke about London buses lately. You wait ages for one and then they all come at once. The reason for this is I've been having a serious rethink about what I want to do with this blog and where it should go. Plus my enthusiasm has been somewhat waning because of what I'm writing about. In a recent post I stated how my interest in comparisons between very similar cameras and lenses is at an all time low. However, shortly after writing that post I had that electric light bulb going on moment when I realised just how I could make this different and allow me to write about what I'm really interested with the time constraints I have to write it.

I can't do what Mirrorlessons and Gordon Laing at Cameralabs do. They write detailed reviews of gear. And they can do that because that's what they do full-time and that is how they earn their living. Because of that they do a much more detailed job than I'm able to. At most I can devote an hour or two a day to this blog and it's not often possible to do that every day either. Consequently my posts / articles are shorter than many other blogs and review sites, by neccessity. 

However, what I CAN do and offer is a formalisation of what I'm mostly doing anyway. Pass on my experiences of using the gear that I do and (most importantly) how it impacts on the images I create for my job. i.e. shooting and selling stock photography images. For this I use a wide variety of gear and rather than compare technical specs. and how they stand up, I'm going to be concentrating much more on the practical usability of what I use, how it works for me in the way that I work and the aethetic, rather than the technical benefits (or not!) of said gear. 

Everyone is now well aware that I'm using smartphones and cameras like the Olympus Air and a GoPro just as much as I use DSLR and / or mirrorless cameras. And posts about everything I use will continue to appear. But rather than compare each system in terms of technical accomplishment I will be concentrating on the possibilities that these different picture taking devices offer. As always what we as photographers do with our gear is more important than the gear itself and as ever with what I write there will be lots of pictures and no graphs or charts. You can find that stuff done really well elsewhere anyway, so there is little point in me doing it half heartheartedly within the restricted time frame I have. 

So if the musings of a full-time stock photographer and thoughts on the gear I use and how it helps or hinders the creation of my images are of use to you, then I look forward to your company in the future. If it's not, then I thank you for your interest and hope you find what you are looking for elsewhere.