Apple announcements - Anything here for photographers?

You have to hand it to Apple. They know how to reinvent the wheel. In one of the most self-congratulating presentations I've ever seen a couple of days ago, they managed to draw applause for a series of product announcements that seem destined to yet again pull of the wool over the eyes of their seemingly ever expanding number of customers. With Apple, brand worship seems to create levels of gullibility and blinkered unquestioning loyalty that pop stars and football teams can only dream about. 

There are two products that might be of interest to photographers. A big new iPad 'Pro' and the new iPhone with its 'improved' camera. The new iPad is a blatant rip off of the Microsoft Surface range of hybrid tablets / laptops. Except of course that the new iPad has none of the functionality of a laptop. But hey it's 'Pro' so it must be good. Now I'm actually writing this post on one of my iPads. And while I'm constantly frustrated by what they won't let me do, they do have the advantage that I can work with them anywhere and are a nice size and weight. However, having looked at the Surface range and decided that it wasn't right for me, I can't as yet see any reason to buy an Apple lookalike. For me making a bigger iPad defeats the purpose of the product. In terms of what I do, a real laptop would be much more useful. And since I've just bought a Windows laptop because Apple have seen fit to remove a lot of what I find useful in a PC, I see no need to further increase their obscene profits.

As far as the new iPhone is concerned, I was almost apoplectic at the inflated claims they made for previous iPhone camera performance and how they had the brazen cheek to claim that all the 'new' stuff their designers have spent so long coming up with was innovative, new and by implication unique. Firstly the claim that their iSight camera is the best out there simply isn't true. The Panasonic CM1 buries it for image quality and the Nokia Lumia 1020 is also far superior for resolution. 12MP? No big deal these days, 4K video? Run of the mill. And as for that Mickey Mouse 'Live Photo' function, I was playing with that a year ago on my Nokia and the attraction lasted about 5 minutes. Now Apple cameras are OK and the Panorama function is very useful, but this iPhone camera is just playing catchup. Now if they had actually announced that they were doing something about battery life then the announcement might have been significant.

I've used a lot of Apple products in the past, but the more successful they become the less I seem to want to use their products and to be honest I'm getting seriously fed up with all the BS. The ever increasing elevation of style over content is beginning to seriously annoy me and from being technical innovators they seem to be repositioning themselves as the worlds most successful toy manufacturers.  I don't wan't to live the 'I Life' because it's bland, boring and frankly dull. I want products that aid my creativity and don't turn me into a passive brainwashed member of the Apple flock.

Apple didn't used to be like this, but now they seem to want to present themselves as some kind of paternalistic, arrogant arbiter of taste and style that demands slavish obedience to their ideas of how technology impacts our lives. Steve Jobs, arrogant m**********r he may have been is probably turning in his grave. At least the guy had some genuinely creative impulses and gave us products that were actually useful and state of the art. Apple now seems to have embraced mediocrity, prettied up in brushed aluminium. But then as the old cliche states 'Pride comes before a fall' and I guess we will have to see if that proves to be the case here. And in answer to the question posed in the title of this post, 'Apple announcements - Anything here for photographers? you can clearly see that my answer is a resounding no. Come back Bill Gates, all is forgiven!!!