Panasonic GX8 + Image App

Panasonic Image App

Images taken using the app. with the GX8.

As indicated in the video, setting up this app.can be tricky and there are a lot of things to remember to do. But when it is installed and set up it works pretty well. Despite me telling the camera to not turn itself off, the local wi-fi network does sometimes need to be restarted. There is also the issue that this will use an awful lot of battery power on both the phone and camera, so be prepared for that if you are planning to use this. 

But if you are in a situation where you want to take pictures inconspicuously it does work well. There are of cause ethical questions involved in this kind of stealthy shooting. Is is OK to shoot pictures of people when they are not aware of it? Well that question is almost reduntant these days. The smartphone revolution has pretty much thrown all notions of a right to privacy out of the window. People with their smartphone cameras believe they have the right to shoot what, where, who and when they like, no matter what the circumstances and no matter what kind of distress they might cause. And to a certain extent it's always been that way. Many of the 20th.C photojournalists never asked permission, or even considered asking for it. Ultimately it's up to us to make our own decisions on this. My personal criteria as to whether to publish an image is 'if it was me in the picture, would I object?' 

Returning to the app. and apps. in general, there are still some issues with these. I really do think that they should be better than they are. There is also an inconsistency between different manufacturers apps., how they work, how they perform on cameras and on different smartphones and tablets. As indicated in the video I find my Apple devices work more reliably and smoothly and the apps. from Panasonic and Olympus offer the best options and reliability of those I have used. But even those could be better. There are many situations where this remote control is very useful and manufacturers make a lot of noise about it. But I just wonder if they put the same kind of half baked technology into something like controlling a drone, then there would be lot more accidents. Because the apps. I've used from Sony and Fuji are very poor, unreliable and lacking in useful features. 

However, despite my reservations I will be carrying on with this because it opens up my picture taking options.