Internet wishful thinking

The notion that mirrorless cameras are replacing DSLR's and that Canon and Nikons dominance of the camera market is declining has been dealt another blow by the statistics in the link above. These figures are from Japan, usually assumed to be the country where the buyers of cameras are more inclined to embrace the new, show a different picture than the scenario many are promoting. And a DSLR vs. mirrorless ratio of 7:3 in that country for July 2015 is pretty much as it's been for a long time now. And while it's true that mirrorless now has a firm hold in the marketplace it is far from the wishful thinking of many, in that it shows no signs of replacing the DSLR. 

However, looking at the cameras in the best seller lists, it's obvious that several best sellers are cameras that have out for a while and are discounted camera + lens kits. So, price and value for money are, as ever, the main criteria for a cameras success. And in a world where more and more people are using smartphones to take pictures and other cameras are competing for a share of a declining market, I guess it's no surprise that continues to be the case. 

However us mirrorless fans can look on the bright side. We are still the minority and the users of non mainstream cameras. So we can pat oursleves on the back for doing something a little bit different when it comes to creating our images. 

Ultimately of course, most of this is meaningless and it's still down to all of us to use whatever we think is right for what we do. I don't have shares in any camera / optical company (or any company for that matter) so what happens with regard to sales doesn't have any impact on me. I like cameras as entities in themselves, but I've still got plenty of choice and where my camera comes in a league table of sales isn't something that keeps me awake at night. However, it's useful to see some 'real world' figures to counterbalance that wishful thinking of large sections of the photographic internet and, as ever, pontificating about a scenario where DSLR's disappear is as pointless as it is inaccurate. But then promoting consumer disatisfaction is the nature of the capitalist world and if it didn't exist that much sort after economic growth would be just a fantasy. 

And that's my impersonation of the Bloomberg channel over for another month and I'll get back to something far more interesting!!