Cameras - Choices, consequences and a revolving door for gear. Comments.

Nikon D750, Leica Q (Typ 116), Olymous OM-D EM5 II, PANASONIC CM1 Smartphone, GoPro HERO4,

I was reading an article on Mirrorlessons a couple of days ago - and Heather made this interesting point. 

'Now, I want to be clear: we don’t own the LX100 anymore for the simple reason that, as gear reviewers, we have to continually sell our old gear to buy or rent the newest products. This applies even to the products we would ideally love to keep. However, it was the camera we used for all our videos over the past eight months, and if we’d had the choice, we would have most certainly continued using it for the five main reasons upon which I’ll elaborate below'

And it is the nature of how things work when reviewing cameras is part of what you do. I'm always somewhat surprised that I get comments about how I'm always changing my cameras, as if it's vaguely immoral and I then get other comments about how I should have done a comparison test with such and such a camera. (And of course go out and buy it!!)

Like Heather indicates, it would be great to keep everything. I'd love to use a camera for a while and then put it in some glass display case, but while I earn a decent living, it's not that good! So cameras and lenses come and go. Some go quicker than others, but eventually they all go. And with the ever evolving and ever improving digital camera world, modern cameras come and go a lot quicker than film cameras. Add in the fact that due to those improvements as time passes I don't tend to get rid of cameras so quickly and I currently have quite a lot of image creating devices. These are:-

  • Two DSLR's - Nikon D750 and Nikon Df
  • Three m4/3 cameras - Olympus OM-D E-M5 II, Panasonic G7 and Panasonic GX8
  • Three Leicas - Leica Q (Typ 116), Leica & (Typ 701), Leica D-LUX (Typ 109)
  • Four Smartphones - Nokia Lumia 1020, Sansung K Zoom, Panasonic CM1, Blackberry Q10
  • Apple iPod touch
  • Three iPads
  • GoPro Hero 4

So 15 in all and I use them all. Last time I went away for a stock shooting trip for 5 days I took seven of them with me. And of course then there are the lenses and accessories. As you might imagine my electricity bill isn't small keeping this lot charged. And that's as well as the three PC's and two Apple Macs I have to edit the output from this lot. 

Now as a professional photographer, that isn't untypical. Anyone who has ever read the blogs by Kirk Tuck and Mike Kobal will know just how much stuff a pro photographer who writes about gear can accumulate. Chase Jarvis apparently has something like a small aircraft hangar full of it. But I won't deny that as a full-time stock photographer, I've probably got a fair amount of stuff, certainly more than I need, but as is the nature of things probably less than I want.

Now the economics of being a professional photographer are different. We get tax allowances when we buy this gear, so it doesn't cost us as much. And this gear is also officially a business asset, so it has value. There are also optimum times to buy and sell and if it's done right and that 'revolving door' is managed properly then the normal losses involved in buying gear and selling it at a loss to buy something else can be less of a financial drain that it might appear to be. And of course there is always the fact that I use all of this gear to create images, which are the main source of my income. 

I do outline all of this from time to time as new readers are arriving every week and it's important to show how this blog fits in with what I do and how I earn a living. I do earn money from this, the ads I run generate a small commission every time somebody clicks on one. But it's not a lot. About the same as I get from one of my lesser performing stock picture libraries. I have to take the cost of running this website from that but it helps to offset the loss on gear that I make, which is still a reality even after all the various tax allowances, though it only makes a small dent in that loss. I write the blog because I enjoy doing it and to be honest I'd still do it if only a few people read it, rather than the numbers that I can achieve with some posts. (Approaching 13 miilion page hits to date) But it is secondary to what I do. For example there have been lots of gaps in the previous weeks and I've been posting less because I've been out shooting al lot. Currently the weather here in the UK is awful, so I'm going out less and consequently have the time to catch up on all the posts I wanted to write. And that's always going to be the case. I write a lot more posts in the winter months than in the summer for example.


It's also important to state very clearly what this blog isn't. It's not a full-time review site and it's definitely not a public forum site for discussion of issues and opinions. I run several Google+ groups and have social media accounts for that. And the following is a list of the most important of those:-

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Google+ 2 Google+ 3  Google+ 4 YouTube

I'm bringing all this to everybodys attention since I'm once again closing down the comments section on posts. I have been pestered / spammed, call it what you will, by the same person from the same IP address (and the same spelling mistakes!) for a while now, but using different names, posting various anti Panasonic GX8 comments. And they won't go away. I am therefore once again shutting down the comments section on the posts. As I've indicated above, if you want to make comments then there are a variety of choices above. I link to the article on most of the above social media sites so there is plenty of opprtunity to make an honest contribution elsewhere.

I made the points in the piece above to show how this blog fits in with my work and I just don't have the time (or inclination) to keep deleting and blacklisting trolls, shills and nuisance posters. So the simple way is to just remove the comments sections at the bottom of the posts. Still, as I've indicated there are plenty more opprtunities for genuine readers to post comments.