Mac to PC - Adobe Photoshop CC - Windows 10 - Upcoming GX8 review

I've not been posting as regularly as I normally do recently. One of the reasons is that it's summer and this is always my busy period. However there is another reason. I've recently changed both my desktop and laptop computers to Hewlett Packard Windows machines. I've been a Mac user for many years primarily. though I have used PC's as well. But with their recent releases Mac are loosing me. With their insistance on small (or very expensive) flash drives and the fact that they seem to be eliminating all external connections, so I can't attach all the drives I currently use, I've moved to PC as I get more of what I want. Including, of course, a lot more 'bang for my buck.'

I also took the rather risky step of buying my PC laptop with the brand new Windows 10 installed. Add in the fact that I've been forced to go with Adobe CC again after retreating back to CS6 since I was one of those who had their account hacked when I previously used CC and I'm on a bit of a steep learning curve. Adobe have stopped supporting CS6 with raw file updates so I needed to change. However, I'm actually quite pro Adobe currently. They recently bought Fotolia, one of the picture libraries I'm with, to sell stock images within the Creative Cloud software. Since my income with that library has doubled over the past few weeks because of this, I'm happy with Adobe, which makes a change. Add in the fact that because of a current deal, I'm getting both Photoshop and Lightroom on both my laptop and desktop for £7 per month. so I can't complain about how much these apps. cost me.

However, software being what it is, none of this worked properly with Windows 10, until today a new update sorted that out. I now have a much quicker and more time efficient workflow (gosh!!) so that's all good then!! The problem was that raw files, apart from .dng's wouldn't open properly and since I've just bought a Panasonic GX8 (about which I will be publishing a rave review very soon) I could work with the files on my desktop which is still running Windows 8, but not my laptop. But now I can. There are a couple of very nice features in the new Photoshop I particularly wanted to use. The first is a 'haze filter' in ACR which restores lost detail and a new upsizing feature which interpolates images without adding moise and retaining detail. Both of which are excellent. So without spending huge amounts of money, I've got a much better in house IT system which will mean I spend less time editing each image, plus the time it's taken me to learn all of this stuff of course. 

Like with cameras, if something I've previously avoided turns up with something better, then I'm happy to change. Those who read what I write regularly will know I have very little brand loyalty (though that Leica red dot does hold me under it's spell!) so changing from Mac to Windows is no big deal for me. So that's why things have been a little quiet recently. However, you may have got a clue that things are about to change. As I mentioned I have a Panasonic GX8 now and you can expect LOTS of posts on that. I am actually blown away by it and m4/3 has just taken a huge step forward in my opinion. So I'll finish with a liitle camera porn teaser of my GX8 + Metabones 0.64x Speed Booster and Voigtlander 58mm f/1.4 lens. Enjoy.

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