Meike Battery Grip for Sony A7 II - Why don't companies sort out their accessories?

I don't know what it's like in other countries, but the Sony battery grip for the A7 II (new design) still isn't in stock here. Having decided to keep the camera, at least until the A7r II comes out and assuming that the grip will fit that camera as well, I decided to get the Meike grip. Since it's 1/3 of the price of the Sony one plus it comes with 2 spare batteries, a charger and a remote control, it's a bargain. Works fine. 

This is a symptom of a larger issue in that camera manufacturers are very bad at getting accessories out. We've all seen a camera appear in stock, but it's usually the basic variation, often with a kit lens. So if you want a body only, or a battery grip, or an extra battery or anything else for that matter, it's usually a case of waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting........) OK, not everybody will want this stuff, but many do and surely manufacturers are missing out on sales here. Is it beyond their capabilities to estimate the demand for different variations of a camera and / or spare batteries and accessories? Because when they don't 3rd. part suppliers such as Meike (whose stuff I've used often and had no problems with) will just jump in. 

So Meike have this grip available in the UK (via ebay) faster than the official Sony grip and Sony have lost a sale here, since I would have bought the Sony grip if I could. In a situation where camera sales are falling, you would have thought companies would be eager to show customers that they can supply all these extras that many of us want ASAP. But they aren't. And Sony are no worse than anybody else at this. Leica are absolutely terrible at providing the accessories they advertise and Canon and Nikon aren't much better either. 

A ridiculous situation and symptomatic of the inefficiencies that many of these companies seem prone too. There is no excuse for this and in many ways it shows a lack of respect for us as customers. And unfortunately I have no confidence whatsoever that this situation will improve. However, Meike have my money for this grip, as indeed they have it for my D750 battery grip and I suppose it could be argued that the far east accessory market will thrive because of the multi-nationals inertia. In many ways they are a good deal more efficient than the companies whose products they copy and offer replacements for. 

So if you live somewhere that doesn't stock the Sony grip and like me you'd like more than 300 shots from your camera without changing batteries (and of course like having 2 extra batteries, a charger and a remote control, all for 1/3 of the price) then I can happily recommend the Meike. And no I have no relationship with the company. But I'm happy to sing their praises just the same. At least they have supplied me with what I want.