The Mirrorless - DSLR - Smartphone 'debates' Time to be even more positive.


In the comments section to this post - there is a link to a video on YouTube that so horrified me that I've decided to become even more positive about photography and step up my efforts to convince people of the pointlessness of bickering about gear. The notion that somebody could put together a 50 minute video attacking people who attacked him for 'going Mirrorless' is almost beyond belief. But there it is.

In another previous post - I wrote this-

  • Regular long term readers will have worked out by now that this isn't a blog about gear anyway. It's about the joy of photography and creating images mostly, but yes there are posts about how much (or how little) I enjoy using certain cameras and lenses. I find it impossible to disassociate myself and what I do from the gear I use and I doubt many photographers truly believe that the gear they use doesn't matter. It's still all about the pictures in the end, but if the process of making them isn't an inspiring and enjoyable one, there is little point in engaging in the activity of creating art anyway, in my view. And 'creating art' may sound pretentious, but if we don't ascribe lofty ambitions to our photography, then again I see little point in spending all that time and energy on it.

The video I referred to is the antithesis of everything this blog is about. And everything I'm about. Photography IS NOT ABOUT GEAR, though unfortunately the photographic internet is. And I can't do anything about that. But I can do something about my small corner of it. I use all kinds of gear, so I won't get involved in that kind of nonsense anyway and the articles I write are an attempt to illustrate how it's possible to use a variety of gear to create images, but I've resolved to become even more proactive about promoting the pointlessness of arguing about the merits of one format over another. And I will be even more vigilant in editing comments on any of the sites and groups I moderate. Nothing will be allowed to be published that has even a hint of the partisan promoting of any brand or type of image making device.

Will it make a difference? No of course not. Far to many people are interested in arguing about cameras and lenses than using them creatively. But at least here there will be a different approach. And if I too stray into the dark side of the force, even marginally, then you have my permission to point that out. I fear we who care passionately about making photographs as opposed to owning gear are the minority, at least of those who feel a compulsion to share their opinions with others. But if we don't make a stand then the photographic Internet will disappear into a black hole of vitriol, combative hostile 'journalism' and become the very opposite of what it should be, a place to celebrate the pleasure that creating images gives us. 

Finally, I never have and I never will write anything here that I wouldn't say to somebody face to face and from now on that will become my primary consideration when I write articles. And if anyone feels like an argument and likes to hide behind the anonymity of their screen and keyboard then please take that elsewhere.