A couple of things dismayed me yesterday. One person informed me on facebook that they were no longer going to 'follow' me because I no longer owned the particular brand of camera they did and someone took my last post - http://www.soundimageplus.com/soundimageplus/2015/6/27/im-bored-with-mirrorless 

seriously. (Seriously!!) I was dismayed because almost every other post on this blog is about how much I dislike the brand worshipping fanboy mentality that clogs up much of the photographic internet and the comment about the 'I'm fed up with mirrorless post' was exactly the kind of thing I was parodying. And while I can't legislate for the IQ of my readership or more importantly the language skills of non-English speaking readers, it did make me wonder about what people's perception of what this blog is about might be. So I decided that some clarification might be in order.

So it's about that time again. Time to re-explain what the Soundmageplus blog is all about, or more to the point what it isn't about. 

  • It's not a forum. It's a personal blog about what I do, how I do it and what I use based around how I earn a living as a stock photographer. And if I don't like what someone writes as a comment then I will delete the comment (and often the commentator) This isn't a democracy, my blog, my rules.
  • This isn't a conventional review site. My 'user experiences' last as long as I have the gear. And the comments I make on the gear I use is always based around how I work. I always make it very clear that my opinions and judgements are subjective. If you looking for good review sites these are my personal favourites and ones I would trust implicitly. 



  • Regular long term readers will have worked out by now that this isn't a blog about gear anyway. It's about the joy of photography and creating images mostly, but yes there are posts about how much (or how little) I enjoy using certain cameras and lenses. I find it impossible to disassociate myself and what I do from the gear I use and I doubt many photographers truly believe that the gear they use doesn't matter. It's still all about the pictures in the end, but if the process of making them isn't an inspiring and enjoyable one, there is little point in engaging in the activity of creating art anyway, in my view. And 'creating art' may sound pretentious, but if we don't ascribe lofty ambitions to our photography, then again I see little point in spending all that time and energy on it.
  • I am happily in the position that I don't need to make money from this blog. It's a distraction for me from the endless hours of editing, captioning, keywording and uploading stock photographs. And that is not meant to underestimate what I do. This blog is important to me. And it's important in that it helps me to clarify what I do, to think about it and make decisions about how I work and what I use. I have no wish to become a photographic 'guru' and as I'm always keen to point out, I challenge and question most of what I read on the photographic internet and I expect my readers to do exactly the same with what I write. (Though as mentioned above, if this is done in an aggressive way and for questionable motives, I may not let it see the light of day)
  • Primarily this blog is written as an entertainment. Much of it is written tongue in cheek and while I'm aware that not everybody shares my sense of humour, it's a little late for me to change that. There is of course the further point that since I don't take myself too seriously, I'd advise readers to apply the same caveat to reading what I write. Plus there is the fact that I do change my mind on a regular basis. But then to me that's part of the creative process. Those whose opinions are set in stone and inflexible, don't strike me as being that creative anyway. Plus I have to say I really don't trust anybody who doesn't show the capacity to be convinced by an alternative position to that they hold. And there are wars, conflicts and the consequent deaths and suffering going on all around the world that show just what chaos and destruction closed minds can create.
  • What you will get here is honesty, spontaneity, no hidden agendas to increase my income (what income!!) and a constant questioning of the dogma and what I perceive as cliched thinking and writing on the photographic internet. And of course since I'm far from perfect I'll make mistakes, I'll let my emotions get the better of my common sense (what common sense!!) and sometimes I wish I hadn't written what I did. But I try to remain true to what I see as the spirit of blogging and leave my lapses in judgement for all to see. 

And in the immortal words of Bob Dylan -

'Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters.'