I'm fed up with mirrorless


Please note - The following is:-

  • a bit of fun
  • serious
  • significant and well-thought out photographic gear journalism with astute and perceptive comment and analysis
  • a load of complete b******s.

You choose.

I'm fed up with mirrorless.

  • I'm fed up with those endless articles about how someone has swapped a DSLR / Medium Format / 10 x 8 Plate Camera for a bridge camera lookalike in pink and has rekindled their love for photography and dedicated their lives to achieving world peace.
  • I'm fed up with endless old hacks fearing they will lose their internet guru status embracing those same pink bridge camera lookalikes to keep their audience, when they probably still long to walk around with the biggest DSLR and the biggest lens they can carry with a smug smile on their face.
  • I'm fed up with jumped up shop assistants telling me this mirrorless camera is better than the last version of said mirrorless camera because it's got two more custom functions and three more AF points and this one has a better view screen. i.e. more reflective so they make sure their beard is trimmed properly.
  • I'm fed up with having to hide my pink bridge camera lookalike when a real photographer walks past. i.e. Carrying a BIG Nikon and Canon DSLR, with an even bigger lens.
  • I'm fed up with trying to convince friends and family that yes this pink bridge camera lookalike really can do the same job as those monster cameras the real photographers on the TV use.
  • I'm fed up with their sympathetic looks and the fact that they have decided to get a proper photographer for their offsprings wedding. 
  • I'm fed up with having to smile and say 'That's fine, I'll take some additional reportage shots the bride and groom might like (or not).'
  • I'm fed up with having to look up things on the internet to understand the menu in my mirrorless camera.
  • I'm fed up with pretending to be excited when a camera manufacturer announces the latest mirrorless marvel, which does pretty much the same as the model I just bought, but has however made my purchase obsolete and dropped it's resale value by 50% overnight.
  • I'm fed up with having to pretend that a camera without a mirror is so much cooler than one with a mirror, when all those photographers carrying DSLR's don't even look at me when they pass me carrying my mirrorless marvel. Despite me holding it up and pointing at it and saying in a loud voice to no one in particular 'Steve Huff really likes this camera and Dpreview gave it 81%.'
  • I'm fed up with having to carry around 5 spare batteries for a days shooting.
  • I'm fed up with having to say that 'I really wasn't interested in that shot', since my mirrorless marvel took so long to start up and focus that I missed the shot of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cycling past on a tandem.
  • I'm fed up with avoiding the faces of the DSLR owners with their smug smiles who managed to get 30 perfectly composed and pin sharp pictures with their motordrive of the same event.
  • I'm fed up with paying twice as much for half the features on my mirrorless marvel as on a comparable DSLR model.
  • I'm fed up with saying over and over again pixel count doesn't matter, when I know it does.
  • I'm fed up with saying mirrorless cameras will take over from DSLR's when everybody I see has a DSLR and I'm the only one carrying a pink bridge camera lookalike.
  • I'm fed up with noticing that all the photographers I admire and want to emulate seem to still use DSLR's. 
  • I'm fed up with the funny sound from my mirrorless camera when I take a shot that sounds like I've selected a too slow shutter speed.
  • I'm fed up with pretending 'Yes I love using old school lenses on my mirrorless camera with an adapter ' when in actual fact the reason I use them is that AF lenses for my system are few and far between / too heavy / too expensive. And the results I get from my adapted lenses are as sharp as blancmange, mis-focused and have enough CA and fringing to qualify my images for a Lomography exhibition.
  • I'm fed up with having to constantly drop my price on ebay when I have to sell the mirrorless model I bought three months ago because the Mk III has come out and everybody keeps emailing me saying "I'll only offer you £XXX because the Mk III is out.
  • I'm fed up going into the shop I bought my mirrorless marvel from three months ago and being smiled at by the shop assistant (When he's finished trimming his beard using the screen on the Mk III of course) and who says to me 'Well I can only offer you so much because the Mk III is out.' When I say to him 'I only bought the Mk II three months ago for 4 times what you are offering me in trade-in value', he replies 'Well three months is a long long time in the Mirrorless camera world and most people wouldn't be seen dead with the Mk II now the Mk III is out'
  • I'm fed up with reading all these reviews of the new mirrorless marvels and all their great new features on the internet and finding out that most of them don't work when I get the camera or that they lock the camera up and require me sending it back to the manufacturers who keep it for 6 months, send it me back in exactly the same condition and charge me £499.99 for the privilege.
  • I'm fed up with showing my friends and family my new mirrorless marvel and having them say 'Yes I've got a toaster made by that company.'
  • I'm fed up with noticing that Nikon, Canon and Leica don't make toasters.
  • I'm fed up with showing my friends and family my new mirrorless big sensor marvel that cost me close to £1000 and having them go 'Mmmmm, personally I went for the Nikon.' They then get out a ridiculously small, cheap plastic compact camera that cost them a fraction of what I paid, point at the Nikon logo with a smug smile on their face and walk away with an absolutely unassailable belief that they have the better camera. "It's a Nikon and it's got 20MP.' being their parting shot.

So there we are. Just a bit of fun really. (Well Maybe)