Leica Q and digital zoom for video - stabilisation.

Above is a sample of the Leica Q video, including what happens when I applied the digital zoom (35mm & 50mm) to the video. I like the video, without the zooming very much. It's sharp and looks great, but the digitally zoomed footage is like all similar footage, so so. The stills which crop the image to 35mm - 15MP and 50mm - 7.5 MP are also not particularly useful apart from frame lines turn up in the viewfinder and on the screen when I do it, which is useful for composition. Cropping the image is a better idea.

Not sure why Leica have included this, since it does detract from the overall quality. I imagine it's to offer something other than that 28mm angle of view. I've also tried hand-held video, but need to have another go since it wasn't very successful. In fact the stabilisation for stills seems to make little difference either. So I'll try that again to see whether there is any use for it.