New Sony Cameras - 'Imaging Beyond Our Eyes'.....What???

On a very busy day for new camera announcements (Leica Q as well) Sony put out three updates - RX10 and RX100 new models and most interestingly for me the Sony A7r II. 42.5MP, 5-axis stabilisation, 4K video in camera, silent shutter mode and the new A7 series design. Apart from 290 shots per battery charge (Sony's own figures) this is a powerhouse of a camera (which unfortunately lacks a battery to power it properly however!!) and I'm sure I'll be trying one of these out. (Good job my Meike battery grip will fit)

However, Sony get a serious rasberry for one of the most ridiculous advertising BS slogans of all time. 'Imaging beyond our eyes' !!! Surely one of the most ridiculous examples of meaningless ad agency speak ever committed to print. A shame since Sony have addressed most of the missing features of the A7r. But then we can all ignore that and concentrate on the positives. It seems that it may well be a fast camera and hopefully, start up time will be quicker as well. High ISO looks to be improved over the A7r and it looks like a serious DSLR competitor (apart from the battery life) I'm sure it will be very popular and I would be very surprised if it didn't produce stellar image quality. Plus the silent shutter option should make it a much more versatile camera. 

Still the same 'challenged' lens range, but I have my adapters and Nikon lenses ready and waiting. Also kudos to Sony for the timing of the announcement. I wonder how many Canon 50MP 5D orders just got cancelled. Since the Canon has somewhat underwhelming sharpness for that 50MP sensor, something that the Sony 36MP sensor in the A7r and Nikon D800 series certainly doesn't suffer from and with it's small footprint (though unfortunately that doesn't apply to the majority of the lenses) a better option for those of us that actually use our legs to take photographs.

Just one small (or maybe huge) consideration. My Olympus OM-D E-M5 II still has a higher resolution with it's 64MP raw file high-res mode and if as Olympus (and others) get this sensor shift technology faster and hand holdable, then we have a genuine revolution on our hands, making ever increasing pixel counts a thing of the past. Since Apple are apparently investigating this and will surely only include it in their iPhones if it is hand holdable, we could (could??) be seeing genuine and useable 24, 36 or even higher MP counts in smartphones. And if that happens expect to see the camera marketplace turned upside down. 

But in the meantime, the A7r II has the potential to be the best all round camera ever released. Now what about some more lightweight, light priced high quality lenses to go with it?