The Leica Q (Typ 116)

For some of us the announcement of a new Leica camera is a special event. And today saw the emergence of the Leica Q. An AF, fixed lens, M series lookalike. More details are emerging as are some samples - This has a 'full-frame' 24MP sensor, with an apparently very high quality EVF and screen. Plus 28mm f/1.7 lens which Leica claim is M series quality and with video options. 

Cheap for a Leica (well cheaper !! - £2900 - less than the Sony RX1 + viewfinder on release I might add) and obviously aimed more at Leicas traditional consumer more than the Leica T (Typ 701) It seems Leica have toned down the revolution that the T promised somewhat. Nonetheless it seems to have some nice modern features, unfortunately including what looks like the same kind of app. as the Leica T (Boo! Hiss!) However, there is image stabilisation built in, which should be interesting. 

It definitely looks like an M series and is still pretty minimalist as are most Leicas. No AA filter of course and it seems this might be a low light king. 28mm lens as opposed to 35mm? Not a problem for me, in fact I've never understood the preoccupation with 35mm lenses. What makes them so special is a mystery to me. I use 28mm much more than 35mm anyway.

So will I buy one? Is the Pope a Catholic?