Speeded up Sigma Photo Pro

After getting my Sigma DP2 Quattro, I tried out the Sigma raw software - Sigma Photo Pro - and quickly came to two conclusions. Firstly it worked with almost mind numbing slowness, with adjustments and saving taking several minutes to complete and secondly I didn't see much benefit over the in-camera double size jpg. files I was creating. However, with the acquisition of my new PC tower with i7 turbo boosted quad cores and 16MB of Ram, I thought I'd try it again. And Sigma have seriously updated it. It is now actually pretty quick to use. I'll repeat that, it's QUICK to use!! It even has a speed boost feature that uses my computers processing power to crank up what it's doing, though this does need a fair amount of ram to work, as I discovered using it on my 8MB ram Macbook Pro, which wasn't so impressive. However even on that machine, it's significantly speedier.

And the second thing is that the default X3F file settings have also been improved and the sharpness and colour depth that can now be created is even more jaw dropping than before. I've never seen image quality like this (At base ISO of 100) before.

All of this turns the Sigma DP2 Quattro into a much more interesting camera. I'm going to be seeing just what I can achieve with it in terms of quality over the coming weeks and certainly that camera can now legitimately lay claim to be able to produce the best low ISO image quality this side of medium format. And I have to say, surely makes the case for an interchangeable lens version of this Foveon sensor system yet again.