Lightroom 6 - First Impressions

I've never been a great fan of Lightroom up to now, preferring Photoshop as it gives me more of what I want. However the latest version is actually pretty good and turning into a decent cheaper alternative for raw development and picture editing.

Since getting my new PC I've been wanting to add a photo editing programme and since I have two free copies of Lightroom courtesy of my two Leicas, I decided to wait until the new version was available and try that. And I've been using it now for a few days.

There are several things that I like with this new version.

  • It seems quicker to respond
  • A combination of an auto level feature and other perspective changing controls give almost the same functionality as the transform tools in Photoshop.
  • A combination of the updated grad, filter and highlight and shadow sliders can create balanced exposures, without the need for HDR.
  • There are new HDR and Panorama creating options. As indicated, I think that a better looking highlight / shadow balance can be created using the options above, but it's there if needed. The Panaorama function now allows the same options as Photoshop i.e. Panoramas can be created with raw files. It's useful and seems to have some kind of auto straightening / cropping function. I need to explore this more however.

So I can work very quickly with straightforward images with version 6, but would still need to use Photoshop for those 'tricky' files. There are also some mobile options which I'll explore on my phone.

It's good to see that Adobe are improving this software and it's also good to see that they still offer a stand alone version of this software, without the need to take out a Creative Cloud option. And as one of those who got hacked in Adobe's catastrophic security failure, that is certainly something I appreciate.