Google Photos

Google have just released their updated Google Photos app. and web storage offer for Mac's, PC's and IOS and Android Tablets and Phones. It includes free unlimited photo storage (though it restricts this to 16MP files) includes a basic editing package for jpgs. and raw files, access to Snapseed, if used on a phone or tablet and the ability to create various albums, collections, montages and animations etc., some of which are downright silly, but fun none the less. I'm currently in the process of doing backups from all my computers, phones and tablets and it's been beavering away in the background for a couple of days now.

It has attracted some criticism (well there's a surprise!) but I think it's actually rather useful. And the notion that Google offer free stuff like this to get their hooks into us in order to bombard us with advertising is hardly a revelation. That's the 'Google Deal.' It's been around for years and if people don't like it there are lots of alternatives. 

I like it because it does seem to work well. All the pictures I want to upload are turning up on all my other devices and I don't really have a problem with the 16MP limit. The basic editing is just that, basic, but it creates decent enough files. I particularly like the fact that my Panasonic CMI smartphone is set to automatic uploading and it stores both the jpgs. and raw files on this new Google Photos cloud. I can then edit the raw files (including with Snapseed) and send them where I want. 

I have no issue with Google, they even send me money!!, but as I indicated, if people don't like it then they don't have to use it. For me it's another place to store images and as such I'll be taking advantage of it. At least it seems to work well and is relatively straightforward. Which is more than can be said for a lot of stuff that I pay for!