The Nikon D750 - Wow!

I've been considering buying a Nikon D750 for some time now and after getting one a couple of days ago from ebay at £500 less than most UK stores are selling them (grey import - international edition) my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Because this is very simply a sensational camera. And what many who buy into the 'mirrorless myth' (I.E. DSLR's are old hat, mirrorless have better and more relevant technology and will take over from DSLR's - all total BS of course) forget is that while MCE (Mirrorless / CSC / E.V.I.L) cameras improve all the time, so do DSLR's. And the D750 is proof of this.

Just some of it's attractions for me>

  • The camera has an AA filter, though I had to check this because looking at the files they were incredibly sharp and I was convinced it was AA free.
  • Like all Nikon top end DSLR's it's incredibly fast at getting the shot with no shutter lag and of course long battery life..
  • Video has lots of options and like the stills, is sharp with terrific colour depth.
  • Dynamic range to die for.
  • Slight redesign on the body gives it a better grip and superb handling.
  • Comprehensible, sensible, logical, well laid out menus.
  • Two SD card slots - I use one for backup.
  • Microphone AND headphone sockets.
  • Polarised sunglasses viewfinder and screen friendly - horizontally and vertically.
  • For a Nikon top end DSLR not that heavy - similar to my Df.
  • The Nikon lens range available to use.
  • Dpreview described it's high(er) ISO results as 'class'leading' I wouldn't disagree with that from my initial tests.

The images this camera produces, quickly and efficiently, are just stunning. 24MP of (probably) Sony sensor, but with all of those Nikon refinements. So expect a lot more on this old-fashioned, redundant, over weight, bloated dinosaur in  the coming days.