The Fuji X-T10 - Is this the ultimate in retro chic?

I have to say, from the pictures this is a stunningly attractive retro styled camera. Closer to the Fuji 35mm film SLR's than the X-T1, I just love the look of this and it's going to be very difficult to resist, particularly with a silver 16-50mm zoom in front of it. Here's the Fuji website on it -

The Fuji niche is now well established. Old school design, concentrating on stills first and foremost and small, light(ish) cameras that can be used in any light. And while they have a way to go in terms of video and raw development software, there is doubt that they produce some of the most aesthetically pleasing and nice to handle cameras out there. Will I get one? Nothing is certain, but I'm sure I'll find it difficult to resist!