Lightroom 6, Lightroom Mobile and the Creative Cloud - Just a lot of hot air?

I've been impressed by Lightroom 6 as I've written in a previous post and as part of the deal I get Lightroom Mobile to install on all my phones and tablets (well actually not my Windows phone Nokia, Adobe don't support that) so I can sync up all photos taken on those and automatically have them turn up in Lightroom. Also useful for uploading to social media. Sound useful?

Well not as useful as it might seem. Firstly I've had to re-install the Android version on my Panasonic CM1 three times because it keeps 'freezing' and secondly unless you have superfast broadband all those files shunting around cyberspace will take their time. For me, the whole cloud thing for photographers is a double-edged sword. It may have some advantages for transferring files around and storing them (provided they are not to big of course) but it is of course an added complication and my files are where exactly? And with whom? It's not hard to imagine all the companies who offer free or cheap cloud storage space deciding that at some point in the future it might be an idea to charge a little bit more, then a little bit more again and maybe in time a whole lot more. Now I'm not saying that Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and the like will start blackmailing us all - 'Pay up or we trash your photos' but I'm certainly not going to rely on cloud storage for MY backups.

i shot all the above pictures at the weekend, on my iPad and Panasonic CM1 and uploaded them all, in situ, via Lightroom mobile to the Adobe Creative Cloud. (Must be good it's creative!) Or so I thought. Not everything arrived where it should (in my copy of Lightroom 6) and where they went, who knows. Now it is of course a lot quicker to transfer my CM1 files manually via the micro SD card. A couple of minutes transferring them and I have the files on my PC where my copy of Lightroom sits. But iPads have no such method of transfer and I had to wait for them to upload.

In terms of editing facilities Lightroom Mobile is VERY limited. There are other apps. which are much better at editing mobile images. It's main 'virtue' is it's sync capabilities with Lightroom and for those of you with faster internet or phone connections than me where you shoot your pictures, you may find it more useful than I have.