Panasonic CM1 - iPad - Nokia Lumia 1020 video - crazy or what?

The video footage above was shot with an iPad Air 2 using a Joy Factory Magconnect tripod mount. (See below)

As you can see in terms of quality at low ISO's it's actually very good. The Magconnect mount is also excellent, being pretty heavy duty and making the iPad very stable. The great advantage of this is the ability to use the iPad screen for composition and have a lightweight video option to carry around.

It works well because small sensor video has been around for years anyway. After all a 1080 video frame is only 2.1MP, which makes it not that difficult to turn out decent footage. And that footage compares very well with other better specified cameras I have. In fact I did some shooting with my Sony A7r and actually thought the iPad footage looked better. As I've written in previous posts, I do prefer the footage from my mobile devices anyway. It just looks sharper and has more 'pop' than my camera footage.  

The downside is obviously the fixed lenses on these devices. However there are advantages too. The footage below was shot with my Nokia Lumia 1020 on a gorilla pod. Using this contraption, with some difficulty I might add, I was able to get the phone flat on the floor pointing upwards, to give this 'bugs eye view.' This just wouldn't be possible with most of the mirrorless or DSLR cameras I've used.

And then there is the Panasonic CM1 and 4K

So, crazy using smartphones / phone cameras and tablets to shoot video? Maybe not.

P.S. I did actually produce this article on my iPad. There is a browser called Dolphin (available for IOS and Android) which allows access to all sorts of things that other browsers on tablets and phones don't, including my website account. It's free and very useful.

Next, I really must 'jailbreak' my iPad!!