Professional use for the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II high-res mode. House Interiors.

Some 'wit' on a forum, commented on my article -  by saying that the only uses for the high res. 40MP / 64MP mode in the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II was when the subject matter was a) a rock b) dead. Well, ho, ho, ho, yet another cheap laugh from someone probably paid by another company to post such a comment. And obviously someone who has never experienced the highly paid field of high end advertising work. The fact that the comment ignores a huge part of early photographic history, with images created using exposures of several minutes, high-end long exposure landscape photography, still life, night photography, architecture, studio product work, commercial product advertising work, museum / artwork cataloguing, food photography and many other uses merely demonstrates the 'commentators' total ignorance and of course, complete lack of imagination. 

The pictures in the gallery above are an obvious example of where this high end feature from the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II works brilliantly. A couple of days ago I did some shots of a 'show home' for my sister-in-law and her husband who convert neglected properties into smart, modern starter homes. As usual I do the pictures for them which end up on estate agent agent websites and promotional material. In addition to this I get a property release from them and upload the images to my stock photography websites, which prove very successful commercially. 

So here is something that this high-res. mode is ideally suited for. For the above shots I used the 12-40mm zoom, which was wide enough for what I wanted and using ISO 200 and the maximum aperture allowed in this mode, f/8, I was able to create very high definition, incredibly detailed and sharp images. Processing raw via Photoshop gave me superb dynamic range as well. Complete overkill for the estate agent end obviously, but of course VERY useful for my library uses. I shot around 100 images, edited them, downsized them to 6MP for web, tablet and printed advertising use and emailed them to my client. I then uploaded them to several of my stock photography websites where I'm sure they will do very well.

And I have to say that using this mode 'on the job' was painless. Olympus make it very easy. I mounted the camera on a tripod, selected the high-res option, made sure I created a few seconds gap before the process starts to let the camera become completely stable and I was ready to go. I then pressed the shutter button and a few seconds later I had a 64MP raw file and a 40MP OOC jpg. And when these images start earning me money, as I know they will, I'll think about that 'witty' remark and the words 'now last whose got laugh and the' will spring to mind, though not necessarily in that order!