Metabones Quality Control

Now I may just have been unlucky, it may be some small problem with a batch, but both my Metabones Speed Booster ULTRA Nikon>Fuji X and normal adapter Nikon>Fuji X have had to be returned and my money refunded. Both were faulty. The normal adapter wouldn't let my Nikon lens attach and lock into place and the Speed Booster when mounted on the front of a Fuji X camera and I fitted the tripod mount looked like the picture below.

As you can see it's off centre. The dots on the adapter and camera also didn't line up properly, which probably explains the lop sided fitting. It did actually lock into place and worked fine.

There is no problem with my lenses, they work fine on my other adapters and indeed my other Metabones adapters for Sony and m4/3 work perfectly. One of the reasons for my using Metabones was (note past tense) to prevent exactly these kinds of things happening. I've had some nasty incidents with cheap adapters and have had to destroy a couple to get them off my cameras. This is not what I expect from Metabones.

Now one problem adapter I might excuse, but two? And those two arriving within a day of each other from the same supplier is concerning. I have therefore abandoned my plan to use my Nikon lenses on my Fuji X cameras and that's one of the reasons that contributed to me buying the Sony A7 Mk II, for which I have a perfectly functioning Metabones Nikon>e-mount adapter. Incidentally my Kipon Nikon>Fuji X also works perfectly.

This is one of the downsides of adapters, that they can be poorly manufactured and my rule of thumb has been not to buy cheap. However, Metabones are far from that and still I get a couple of faulty ones. The problem with faulty adapters being of course that they can do some serious damage to camera and/or lens. 

Now I'm not implying that Metabones quality control has slipped or that this is something that adapter and Metabones users should be concerned about, but these are the first two products I've bought from them in a while and I thought I should bring this to peoples attention. I have no problems with my supplier, who as ever has acted quickly and honestly, but there is just the suspicion in my mind that because Metabones are obviously doing well with the Speed Boosters maybe they are cutting corners or subcontracting manufacture out to companies who don't adhere to the same standards as they do. 

Whatever the case, I'm not going to withdraw my praise for the Metabones Speed Booster ULTRA. Despite it's lopsidedness, it did work well, but because the tripod mount was in the wrong place which means I could never sell it on, it had to go back. Would be interesting to know if anyone else has had an issue with one of these or has read anything about faulty speed boosters. It's a shame, because it is an innovative and option expanding product, but after this I'm not prepared to buy another one unless / until I'm convinced this was just a one (well actually two) off.