Open letter to Sigma about the DP2 Quattro

Every time I use the Sigma DP2 Quattro, I'm simply stunned by the results. Above are 100% blowups from the double-sized jpgs. the camera can produce. As you can see, very impressive. Try blowing a m4/3 or Fuji X jpg. up to 39MP and you'll see what I mean. These jpgs. are created at the expense of raw files. If you want those you only get the 20MP jpgs. These 2x upsized files are, I suspect, to get round the problems of the (very) slow nature of the Sigma Photo Pro software. If I reduce these upsized jpgs. to 'normal' size the resolution gets even more impressive.

However, using the camera is somewhat spoiled by the fact that there is no EVF and just the one lens. (Excellent though that is.) So, in the hope that somehow, someone at Sigma might get to read it, I've decided to write an open letter to Sigma.


I have used Sigma cameras with the Foveon sensor for sometime now. The results have always been very impressive. The DP2 Quattro has moved the concept on in terms of image size, better high ISO quality and camera processing speed, though Sigma Photo Pro still leaves a lot to be desired. However, I and I'm sure many other Sigma users are frustrated by certain things. Firstly the fact that there is only a fixed focal length lens. And secondly that there is no built-in EVF.

These two things make the camera less useful than it might be and for me make using the Foveon technology to create high quality, high definition images at low ISO's less appealing than it should be. The image quality of a high-end DSLR, or even a medium-format camera in a compact camera shell and with smartphone type handling is a strange concept. That quality does exceed what I can get from many (most) of my other cameras, but the way of achieving it is fraught with frustration. I want to use the camera with a viewfinder for greater stability and compositional versatility. I also want both wide-angle and telephoto options, without having to go the DP1, 2and 3 Merrill route. I have no desire to carry around three cameras to get different focal lengths. Does anyone?

What I and I am sure many others would be VERY interested in would be one of two things. Firstly an interchangeable lens camera with the DP2 Quattro sensor inside. You have shown yourself capable of making excellent lenses for the DP series cameras and for other mirrorless systems. So why can't we have a mirrorless system based around the Foveon sensor? Is it your intention to never offer this option in a camera with the Foveon sensor, nor a built in EVF? Are there technological issues? Do you think nobody would buy such a system? The second option is a camera with again a built in, or though not the preferred option, an add-on EVF and a zoom lens. Thus giving a range of focal lengths to use the sensor with. Is THIS a possibility?

I have no wish to see a DSLR like the SD1. A small footprint mirrorless system is what I'm looking for. As I indicated, interchangeable lenses would be my preference, but a decent zoom range would also be better than what is available now. I would love to use the DP Quattro for more of my work. I'm a full-time stock photographer and I shoot mostly landscape, location, architecture and travel material in good light. The DP2 Quattro gives me the quality I need, but not the flexibility and versatility that I get from my other cameras. I have in the past carried the Quattro together with another camera system, but that is far from ideal.

Is it asking too much to expect the Foveon image quality to be housed in a more useful package or am I and others going to continue to feel restricted in what we can achieve by the limits of the DP2 Quattro? If by any miracle you read this, would you consider what benefits a more expansive version of what is on offer here could bring? Surely more people would be interested in buying a system based around one the highest performing sensors available. I know I would. It seems like a wasted opportunity as far as I'm concerned and excellent though the camera and the files it produces are, while using the camera I constantly ask myself 'What If?' 

I would like to keep the camera, but currently it's fulfilling the function of a luxury item that I use occasionally. An interchangeable lens system + EVF, or a zoom version + EVF, would give me more options and suit what I use a camera for much better than what the DP2 Quattro offers. Finally it seems to me to be a shame that this quality is not available in a better specified camera and to be frank, strikes me as a waste.