Leica T (Typ 701) Holster and wrist strap - 'Smartphone mode'

I've just treated myself to a birthday present and bought the wrist strap and leather holster for my Leica T (Typ 701) The strap is made of silicon, (same as the shoulder strap), with the custom made attachment to the camera. The holster is made of tanned leather. It was designed by Audi!!!

The holster is by far the best way I've ever carried a camera. It's safe, it's secure, the view screen doesn't scratch against clothing. It's also quick to release the camera and very comfortable. I went out with my camera and LEICA SUMMICRON-T 23 mm f/2 ASPH. lens, which it suits very well and never took it off. Including driving there and back. In a camera bristling with innovation, this is just one more example of how different the Leica T system is. Almost everything in it has been designed from scratch and I have to say the vast majority of what they have come up with is useful, works and far from a gimmick. This holster is also able to handle the larger lenses as well. As you might expect it's exceptionally well made and fits the camera exactly. 

One of the things I also like about the camera is the modular nature of the system. With the above I walked around the streets of Stratford upon Avon, pretty much looking like I was shooting with my phone. Consequently no one took any notice of me at all, a somewhat different reaction the the one I've had recently walking around with my Fuji's + 16-55mm f/2.8 zoom. So I was able to pretty much work as I wanted and shoot what I wanted. The camera reacted pretty quickly, though the AF could be faster and of course using the best lens I've ever owned helped.

So my favourite mirrorless interchangeable system and indeed my favourite camera of all time, just got even better. For me this is what mirrorless / CSC / EVIL is all about. Modern, innovative, stylish, small, light, high quality and classy. No need to impersonate a rangefinder, no need to impersonate a DSLR. There was lots of talk when mirrorless interchangeable started that seemed to believe that once Nikon and Canon got involved everything else would be blown away. Well we all know how that turned out!!

The fact that it's Leica that have revolutionised this class of camera is still somewhat of a surprise to me and the fact that they are the only company to date that have moved things on in terms of design and operation is not, I'm certain, what most us would have thought would happen. No one else has gone for (almost) 100% touchscreen selection, no-one else has put such a high quality live view screen and EVF (in daylight) on a camera and no-one else has radically streamlined and minimalised camera design in this way. And all this from the most retro, 'old-school' camera company out there.

Every time I use this camera (and the lenses) I am just stunned by how modern it is, yet how well thought out and photographer friendly it is. Now I have no idea how it's selling and whether it's going to develop as a system. Only Leica know that. But whatever happens it's a pleasure to use it and take pictures. It is my ultimate 'smile on my face' camera when I'm using it. Whether anyone else will go with this who knows. (Though this looks really interesting and obviously inspired by the T) I guess that maybe not everybody likes simple and high class point and shoot, because the Leica T makes pretty much everything else over complicated. And for me that's it's outstanding virtue.